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Month: November 2016

Goliath: A Review

Written by on 30 November 2016

The Amazon series Goliath is a riveting show, particularly if you like legal dramas. I don’t. For me, the legal genre ranks just above romantic comedies and right below wisecracking buddy films (Midnight Run excepted, of course). But my wife put it on while I was in the room, so what was I going to […]

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Big Labor’s Really Big Problem

Written by on 29 November 2016

So the whining has started already. Last week, Harold Meyerson called Donald Trump’s election an “extinction level event” for the American labor union. Today, fast food workers nationwide are protesting because the Service Employee’s International Union’s (SEIU) dreams of a national $15 minimum wage died on election night. Add that to Obama and the Department […]

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Written by on 29 November 2016

Editor’s note: Recently on social media, a hopeful adoptive parent lamented the annual report from Planned Parenthood. The resultant discussion on Twitter was both shocking and disheartening. Following that one of our authors shared her deeply personal and touching story. As we move into the holiday season she had the courage to publish it here. […]

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Why We Have Rules

Written by on 26 November 2016

There are many reasons why I cook from scratch. First and foremost, I’m a control freak. Plus, I can guarantee what is in every morsel of food on my plate. However, this Thanksgiving, I broke my cardinal “from scratch” rule.  Allow me to interject here and say that the fine folks at McCormick® make what […]

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The Election is Over, Please Pass the Gravy.

Written by on 23 November 2016

Trump Trolls, Hillary Hobbits, and #NeverTrump Naysayers alike, can all agree on food, football, and family. Stacey Lennox, has a piece on Thanksgiving and how not to be such a hoser that you cannot eat with your family this year. There are some of you out there who were born this way. You know who […]

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Follow Me or Else! The Rise of the Social Media Mafia

Written by on 21 November 2016

It starts with insecurity. You know? That unsure, unstable feeling that makes you question your fondness for men who drive Priuses, that nagging feeling that makes you question your decision to get a back tattoo of a giant snow leopard leaping from the snow-capped Rocky Mountains or that sinking feeling when you thought a pair […]

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