6:30 Pm Central

At 6pm several states closed their polls, and a few had obvious winners. Indiana, and Kentucky went hard for Donald J, Trump, while Vermont fell for Hillary Rodham Clinton. At current all 3 states are being won by comfortable margins of 30 points or more, the surprise is the amount of independent or 3rd party votes that are being counted. We will be eager to get a final count on those later in the night. Currently Trump is leading in Virginia, Georgia, and Florida, i will update you further.

Update: 6:34 PM Central

The AP just called West Virginia for Donald Trump, He is currently leading in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and New Hampshire.

Update: 6:40 PM Central

Trump is currently leading in states from Florida to Virginia, and also leading in New Hampshire. Florida may take a long time to become clear.

Update: 6:43 PM Central

With 1% of the returns in Donald Trump is leading in Ohio.

Update: 6:50 PM Central

Clinton has taken the lead in So. Carolina, Florida, and New Hampshire.

Update: 6:52 PM Central

www.decisiondeskhq.com just called So. Carolina for Donald Trump.

Update: 6:58 PM Central

Clinton has regained the lead in Fla, No. Carolina, and Ohio.

Update: 7:02 PM Central

Several more states have closed their polls, and several have been called. Trump gets Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee, Clinton gets Ill. MA. NJ. MD. DC. RI. and DC.

Update: 7:08 PM Central

AP has called the Fla. Senate race for Marco Rubio.

Update: 7:12 PM Central

with 12% of the vote counted Hillary Clinton is in the lead.

Update 7:15 PM

Aaaaand just like that Trump is back ahead in Fla. and Texas

Update 7:19 PM

Trump is ahead in Kansas, while tied in Fla., Hillary ahead in No.Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

Update: 7:25 Pm

With 1% in, Hillary is in the lead in Penn.

Update: 7:30 PM

Trump picks up Ala., and Arkansas!

Update: 7:37 PM

Rand Paul goes back to the senate!

Update: 8:01 PM

Hillary wins NY, Trump wins Kansas, So. Dakota, No. Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Texas!

Update: 8:13 PM

Trump is currently running ahead in Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico, Louisiana, Ohio, Virginia, No. Carolina, and Georgia. Hillary is ahead in every New England state she hasn’t already won.

Update: 8:59 PM

Hillary has won New Mexico.

Update: 9:05

Montana called for Trump. Trump has been giving Clinton far more than expected, especially with his campaign’s lack of get out the vote plan.

Update: 9:24

Based on the current poll returns it can be presumed that Georgia, Florida, No.Carolina, and Ohio will all go Trump. After that, IF Trump wins EITHER Michigan, or Wisconsin, call it a night! Clinton would NOT be able to get to 270 EVs after that point.

Update: 9:31 PM

Ohio called for Trump!

Update: 9:35 PM

Colorado called for Clinton.

Update: 9:55 PM

Florida, and No. Carolina declared for Trump.

Update: 10:01 PM

California called for Hillary, Idaho for Trump.

Update: 10:03 PM

Washington, and Hawaii called for Hillary.

Update: 10:14 PM

Utah called for Trump. Trump 238, Hillary 202 currently.

Update: 10:31 PM

Wisconsin, Trump just won Wisconsin, and Iowa! That’s another 16 Evs for a total of 254

Update: 11:03 PM

It is NOT over! However, It appears that Donald Trump may win Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and has already taken Wisconsin.

Update: 12:03 AM

Decisiondeskhq.com calls Pennsylvania for Donald Trump, and gives him 286 EVs. Donald J. Trump is the next President.

Update: 1:13 AM

Fox News refuses to call Pennsylvania. Hillary refuses to concede. This will continue. Thanks for following along.