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Month: January 2017

Torching Tacos

Written by on 31 January 2017

“Damn those tacos are good!” That’s what Michael Rypka kept hearing while he cranked out his spicy creations in a food truck parked at Bouldin Creek at South 1st in Austin, TX. It’s no wonder that the slogan stuck and became a focal part of the logo that represents Torchy’s Tacos, now a chain restaurant serving Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado. Damn Good! […]

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#NationalStrike!!! – And The Tantrum Continues

Written by on 29 January 2017

“But, but we lost an election and the government is doing things I don’t agree with!” I just adore the far Progressive Left.  Donald Trump was elected President of the United States with a convincing Electoral College majority and has been office a little over a week. And they haven’t stopped screaming, stomping their feet and […]

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Proposed Anti-Trump Film and the Chinese Connection

Written by on 29 January 2017

The Hollywood Reporter broke a Jan. 25 story which said that Michael Bay will produce an anti-Trump movie that also portrays China in a positive light. This is interesting news because it provides a perfect opportunity to look at Bay’s relationship with China and, more importantly, the growing Chinese involvement in Hollywood. THR reported that, “Universal […]

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The Muslim Ban That Isn’t: Updated

Written by on 28 January 2017

Just when I think it might be possible to rescind my call for Xanax in the national water supply, something else happens. Now it’s hyped up outrage over an Executive Order signed by President Trump to halt issuing visas for 90 days and the refugee program for 120 days for applicants from countries that are […]

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There’s A Fungus Among Us

Written by on 27 January 2017

Well, actually there’s two. The first is what I will call Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). This syndrome has affected a segment of the movement formerly known as Never Trump and virtually everyone that identifies as a Democrat. It’s symptoms include: Objecting to anything Donald Trump does or says, forming strange alliances across the aisle, trolling […]

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Torture Works. Older Brothers Know It Does.

Written by on 26 January 2017

Torture is back in the news with media reporting that the Trump administration created a draft executive order that discussed reviewing intelligence practices, including so-called torture. And while the White House has challenged that reporting, it remains a good time to discuss torture. And the truth is, torture works. Older brothers have known this since […]

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Thirteen Reasons it Would Be Unfortunate to Miss ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

Written by on 25 January 2017

Unfortunate; a word here which means “unlucky,” “marked by bad fortune,” or “what it would be to not see Netflix’s new family original, A Series of Unfortunate Events. In the spirit of this delightfully wicked world created by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler), here are 13 quick reasons to partake in this series with no fear: […]

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Trump and Ozzy – Diary of the Madmen

Written by on 21 January 2017

Sometime between Randy Rhoads’ death and the time Ozzy Osbourne checked himself into rehab, I had the pleasure of seeing Ozzy live. At the time there were only two albums, Diary of a Madman and Blizzard of Ozz. To my 16 year old ears, Randy’s unrelenting guitar riffs were pure awesomeness. So as a fanboy, it […]

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