Today, Thursday February 16, 2017 will be a day marked by history. It is a day we finally realize our opponents, the fanatics who oppose all restrictions to immigration, and claim everyone should be allowed in, are illiterate. Well, they are economically illiterate, anyway. They have declared today “A Day Without immigrants.” The goal: to prove that this country cannot run without them, that businesses must kowtow to them. They also hope to put pressure on President Trump to cease all immigration enforcement, especially work on building a wall. All of this, while hopefully branding all who oppose them as hardhearted racists.

Day Without Immigrants Boycott Hits D.C. in Stomache

Without Immigrants, Empty Streets

There are many reasons this will backfire, only a few of which are economic, I’ll go over a few:

  1. Many are boycotting their jobs. This means they miss a days pay. A few have employers who are mush brained enough they are paying them to do this, but reality is, many don’t. This also will mean that many will not have said jobs tomorrow, you can count on them to howl with protest when they are replaced.
  2. They are boycotting businesses. This is to demonstrate the lost business from them not purchasing. So, this means, either, they purchased the goods yesterday, or will tomorrow. Net cost to the business? $0.
  3. Many are keeping their children home from school. In one local Oklahoma city school, one 5th grade class had 5, or 6 kids that weren’t kept home for this. This is the most ridiculous one by far. oh, poor, underprivileged illegal immigrant, please protest your lowly position on the economic, and social ladders, by impacting your children’s best opportunity to move up on both those ladders. But, Please, make my children more competitive in the future job market, I beg you! When your children are no better off than you, and they protest by keeping their kids home from school, I will laugh then, as well. And then, just as now, I will also probably weep for your children.
  4. They aren’t boycotting the landlord, the mortgage company, the utility companies, or the cell phone companies. Are you living in the street today, or in your house? Are you using electricity, heat, or water? We know you didn’t give up those things. Are you boycotting the media? If so, which ones? ABC? CBS? NBC? FOX? You are using the media to sell your lies for you, thereby making them money. No boycotts there!
  5. Any legal immigrant joining in on this boycott doesn’t have the good sense God gave a mule. Many of you have endured physical, and economic hardships to get here, and were determined to do it the right way. You are here legally, and (hopefully) contribute in a positive way to this economy, being involved in this is only hurting your families, and the obscuring the truth.

This adds up to a protest organized by people as economically illiterate as only Marxists can be. The impact on others is all fear, and false shame. This boycott makes about as much sense as me boycotting Fajitas to protest illegal immigrants (from various countries) coming across the Mexican border. You would laugh at me for that, as I am laughing at you for this! Today should’ve been called “A Day Without Economic Illiterates.”