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Month: August 2017

The Perfect Sculpt Bra Review

Written by on 14 August 2017

If you’re a female and you have a Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen about 348 advertisements in the last few months for the Perfect Sculpt bra, or something quite similar. It is a strapless and backless bra that uses adhesive to pull your fun bags together and supposedly upward. It’s marketed as a godsend […]

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Okay, Now Marvel Is Making Me Laugh

Written by on 1 August 2017

The Marvel Universe has a large expanse of Dork Matter. That is, an amorphous blob of good think which is choking out a good percentage of their potential readership. Daddy Warpig lays out the controversy. Start here. We’ll wait. What started with an innocuous¬†“girls rule” Tweet by the female writers at Marvel and ended up […]

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