Petite Marine Takes the Army Combat Fitness Test [VIDEO]

Petite Marine Takes the Army Combat Fitness Test [VIDEO]

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Austen Alexander published a video to his YouTube channel on Sep. 27 that featured him administering the U.S. Army Combat Fitness Test to a petite, female, U.S. Marine. She failed it. (Alexander says she passed it but she did not. Check out the comments from the person who says he is a drill sergeant.) The failure isn’t noteworthy. But what is noteworthy is that Americans believe that a 99-pounds woman is a perfectly suitable warrior.

Women being in the armed forces is a great thing, and we need many more of them. This we are told by our betters. And we all must believe it lest we be un-personed for being on The Wrong Side of History. Very well. Let’s accept that the debate is over (it always is once progressives get what they desire) and acknowledge that our citizenry wants women warriors. And as we do so, let’s note exactly what it means: America wants women (including petite ones) defending it and fighting for it. (RELATED: U.S. Space Force Debuts New Promo Video: ‘Origins’)

Remember this from here forward.

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