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3 weeks ago

What has changed in the last year is I am about to have a 16-year-old kid. Scary stuff, I know. As this wonderful and horrifying milestone approaches, my father (the doting grandpa) has been pushing me to get her a Smart Phone, because “all the kids her age have one.”


Hollywood has done a tremendous job of merging comics and movies of late. Gone are the days of flat capes, visible wires, and cheesy slogans. Both Marvel and DC have upped their games significantly and we, the movie going nerd public are the winners.

While the space hot-rodding, Falcon flying, Lando smirking trailer looked absolutely incredible, I’m just a teensy bit apprehensive. Okay, I'm scared to pieces. Movie makers today have this need to make everything as appealing as possible for every segment of society, lest they miss out on box off sales from one demographic or other.

While social media is buzzing in anticipation of Super Bowl commercials and others are still making the decision of whether to tune in this Sunday, my husband will be watching. He’s not woke. He simply loves football. Absolutely the SJW kneeling crap annoys him but not enough to boycott any professional football game this year.



We stay pretty busy during the weekend, and if I didn’t rely on social media to share my silly little posts, I wouldn’t have noticed there was another Women’s March Jan. 20.



Christian Toto covers the full-spectrum of entertainment at Hollywood in Toto. The HiT website and podcast cover the big things coming out of Hollywood just like other entertainment sites do. But they also cover the smaller things you haven’t yet discovered. That’s one unique thing about HiT. What’s another one? Hollywood in Toto covers the world of entertainment without pushing the latest progressive narratives and causes.


Stephen Limbaugh wants to be such a good pianist and composer that people will have to hire him if they want to work with the best. And after you listen to his music and read about his work ethic, you might believe he’ll achieve that goal.


It’s a new year, and a new slew of movies for some fans to praise with blind franchise faith, others to pick apart until there is no marrow of enjoyment for the “professional” movie critic to suck out, and the rest of us to completely ignore.


Jon Del Arroz is a Hispanic science fiction author with a rising profile. He’s already published quite a bit of work and has more ready to debut in 2018. In addition to this, Del Arroz is defying media stereotypes, with his involvement in the Vox Day-led Alt*Hero being one such example of his breaking the mold.


I can’t crawl inside someone else’s mind to judge their sincerity for this cause. I do, however, find the idea of dressing up to “spread awareness” of any cause, no matter the cause,  a bit pointless.


“Women are badassess!” Did you know that? Of course you did, because you can’t get away from media and activists telling you it.


Pulp stories—full of revenge, quests for justice, surprise endings, and other thrills—are as fun to read today as they were in the 20th century. And the brand new, Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice, is the latest book to feature all this excitement—but in a way like you’ve never seen it. Here is more about the anthology along with why authors David Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and I (Paul Hair) decided to write it.

12 Days of Christmas On A Budget by The Odd1sOut. Really, who can afford all that stuff? The Odd1sOut presents cute, geeky and more affordable options. Lovingly compiled by Lisa Kay Tate
It’s on every party playlist, bombards us on the radio several times a year, and is often a fixture at school and church Christmas programs.

The Loftus Party is big in to supporting folks we like. So take a look at Joe DeVito telling some truth about on-line dating. You can hear more from Joe on this week's podcast. Take a listen!


Write down this date: Sunday, November 26, 2017. That’s the day a group college football fans spoke up to their university administrators, and those administrators listened.


I finished binging Marvel’s The Punisher series on Netflix, and as heartbreakingly tragic a character as Frank Castle has always been, it is really hard not to love this bad boy.


Just like in real life, you got to work for that good stuff! Star Wars Battlefront II is great. Micro transactions? Suck.
I’ll make this easy. You want this game. Boom. Done. That was easy!


Among the controversies and arguments out there, the issue of abortion is always there at or near the top. This has included the barbaric topic of using abortion to “cull the herd,” as it were of less desirables. 


Oh December 1st, you can not come fast enough. By then I will be finished binging on The Punisher and looking forward to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Now in between I will be able to enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Netflix, so awesome. And the best news of all my hero is back!


Let’s just cut to the chase.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about buying the game.  And if you’re thinking about it?  You’re gonna buy it. C’mon!! It’s Super freakin’ Mario!  Just know what you’re in for. 


According to my Twitter profile, I’ve been wasting valuable life that I will never get back since 2012. I reckon that makes me an expert on Twitter the same way Matt Yglesias is an expert because he knows Ezra Klein.


Happy Halloween! The only thing we regret about this poll is that folks didn't send us pictures of these costumes. With all the hoopla about "culturally appropriating" this and "offensive" that in relation to costumes, as is typical we went in the exact opposite direction. 


They’re at it again. Third-wave feminists are verbally wagging fingers telling us how to live in and interact with culture. This Halloween it’s imperative to realize little, white girls shouldn’t dress up as certain Disney princesses, like Moana or Tiana. In fact, parents are admonished to be good gatekeepers and teach their children to not be racially insensitive.


Millie Bobby Brown, known to fans of Stranger Things as Eleven, sat with Variety to talk about the new season starting tomorrow. While she was very circumspect about the "No Spoliers" rule, she did promise that Season 2 will give us more of Eleven's backstory. 


As someone who grew up on comic books, the day and age in which we live always makes me smile. To see everyone from Captain America to Wonder Woman recreated, and recreated well, on the big screen is fantastic! I love it! As a kid, the television adaptation of Wonder Woman was only good because Lynda Carter had the God-given ability to pull boys through puberty just by showing up. I watched her faithfully. As a result, I’m no longer in puberty.


First of all, let me say something right outta the gate:  I’ve never reviewed a Video game before.  I’ve never reviewed anything!  I am new.  I’m a TV writer and comedian.  That’s what I do for a living.  But I love video games so… here I go.  Write about what you love, as they say.


2017 is wrapping up in a crappy way, especially when it comes to American culture. Lately, every issue that creeps up reeks with ambiguity. This happens to be the case with the recent Boy/Cub Scout announcement that soon girls will be allowed. So, what’s the truth here?


Each October we bust out the Halloween playlist: Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London,” Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein,” ‘The Time Warp,” and all the standard fare.


We asked. And our fans answered. 


Last week the faux cowgirl from Florida made the news. A lot. Representative Fredrica Wilson made a lot of noise, but was not as loud as her glitter infested cowgirl hats. So we had to ask:


Who knew? As the world gets smaller and partners are apart more often, the range of sex toys that can be controlled from a distance is growing. Good news for folks that want to stay intimate. But there is a downside. Or a backside.



Frank Castle is getting his own Netflix series in November and this trailer indicates it will not disappoint.


Up until today, the movie that will reveal the young Han Solo, before he ran into the Skywalkers, did not have a name. Now we can all refer to it as Solo: A Star Wars Story. Am I the only one not impressed?


The Loftus Party has the best fans. Every Friday we do a #FridayPollDance and last week we asked:


Marvel Studios just released the full length trailer for Black Panther. Fast paced with a thumping soundtrack, the premiere implies a visual thrill ride of a film, typical of the studio in recent offerings.


When we look around at the tragedy, terror, and evil found in the world today, we all need something soft to hold. At least for right now, we need Porgs.


Instead of telling you about Baker Mayfield’s chances of beating Sam Ehlinger, let me tell you what I’ll focus on: which newbie head coach will look the best on the sideline?


The "hack", discovered by ProofPoint, was delivered mostly through malicious and fake browser update ads.


During ESPN’s NFL game on Monday night the new trailer for Star Wars – The Last Jedi was unveiled.


So you have probably gotten e-mail solicitations to earn extra cash at home by becoming a Secret Shopper. You get instructed to go to a store's location and rate the experience of the display of a particular brand. Well, Secret Hopper just took this kind of money making opportunity to a whole new level.


Though calling Xyla Foxlin a kid at the age of 20 may be a misnomer. This mechanical engineering student from Ohio has taken the first big steps towards being a successful entrepreneur bringing a prototype into production.


According to University of Albany researchers to get to the big O intensely and frequently, a woman needed to find her partner attractive.


So many recent tragedies in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and Vegas have made one thing abundantly clear. American’s give with their hearts and their wallets. We do not let our fellow countrymen suffer without giving of our time and our hard-earned cash.


The movie trailer for The Death of Stalin, had us crying with laughter. It is a comedy, albeit a dark one, that envisions the political machinations following the death of the Communist dictator of Russia.

Her most famous song was “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. Well Nancy Sinatra can put them on and walk to, oh I don’t know, Venezuela? Maybe Cuba?

If there is one thing 21st century politically-minded people from all across the spectrum have in common, is that they love their boycotts. As a capitalist, I understand this reaction, but I’ve never been good at these things.


Props to Alejandro Villanueva for leaving the locker room and putting his hand over his heart during the #TakeTheKnee nonsense on Sunday.


What you are about to read is the story of the worst soldier ever.* If the world never sees someone like him again, it will be too soon.


Do people not watch Agents of SHIELD? Jurassic Park?


I binge watched Season 1 and am dying to see what Season 2 brings. Still full of kitschy 80”s references and a good old fashioned doses of psychological terror according to the trailers, Season 2 lands just in time for Halloween 2017.