Some Serious Happiness


While social media is buzzing in anticipation of Super Bowl commercials and others are still making the decision of whether to tune in this Sunday, my husband will be watching. He’s not woke. He simply loves football. Absolutely the SJW kneeling crap annoys him but not enough to boycott any professional football game this year.


I can’t crawl inside someone else’s mind to judge their sincerity for this cause. I do, however, find the idea of dressing up to “spread awareness” of any cause, no matter the cause,  a bit pointless.


Write down this date: Sunday, November 26, 2017. That’s the day a group college football fans spoke up to their university administrators, and those administrators listened.


Let’s just cut to the chase.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about buying the game.  And if you’re thinking about it?  You’re gonna buy it. C’mon!! It’s Super freakin’ Mario!  Just know what you’re in for. 


Happy Halloween! The only thing we regret about this poll is that folks didn't send us pictures of these costumes. With all the hoopla about "culturally appropriating" this and "offensive" that in relation to costumes, as is typical we went in the exact opposite direction. 


Each October we bust out the Halloween playlist: Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London,” Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein,” ‘The Time Warp,” and all the standard fare.


We asked. And our fans answered. 


Last week the faux cowgirl from Florida made the news. A lot. Representative Fredrica Wilson made a lot of noise, but was not as loud as her glitter infested cowgirl hats. So we had to ask:


Who knew? As the world gets smaller and partners are apart more often, the range of sex toys that can be controlled from a distance is growing. Good news for folks that want to stay intimate. But there is a downside. Or a backside.


The Loftus Party has the best fans. Every Friday we do a #FridayPollDance and last week we asked:


Instead of telling you about Baker Mayfield’s chances of beating Sam Ehlinger, let me tell you what I’ll focus on: which newbie head coach will look the best on the sideline?


So you have probably gotten e-mail solicitations to earn extra cash at home by becoming a Secret Shopper. You get instructed to go to a store's location and rate the experience of the display of a particular brand. Well, Secret Hopper just took this kind of money making opportunity to a whole new level.


Though calling Xyla Foxlin a kid at the age of 20 may be a misnomer. This mechanical engineering student from Ohio has taken the first big steps towards being a successful entrepreneur bringing a prototype into production.


According to University of Albany researchers to get to the big O intensely and frequently, a woman needed to find her partner attractive.

If you're a female and you have a Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen about 348 advertisements in the last few months for the Perfect Sculpt bra, or something quite similar. It is a strapless ...

I'm thoroughly convinced that every so often God smiles more favorably on one of His children and offers him or her to the world as an inspiration, and I have been blessed to call one of them friend. ...


The month of "Mothers" is  zooming by fast. Somewhere between the eerily submissive Stepford Wife-esque perfect 50s mom, and the screeching from pink knit-cap wearers, there are the rest of us moms. ...


Concerned citizens: “Movies and video games are so violent today.” Bluegrass musicians: "Hold my moonshine…" Political arguments come and go, but when the ideological fights du jour have faded into ...


Action figures belonged to boys. Not girls. Girls had "dolls." Boys didn't own dolls. That's crazy talk. Don't @ me. I remember owning Star Wars action figures, a Luke Skywalker with extendable light...

Contrary to some people's beliefs, all lubes are not created equal. I'm saying this as someone who has done their research, as well as some testing. All steps of the scientific method were utilized, i...
In case you missed it, Hannah Smothers of Cosmopolitan had a very interesting (but ultimately wrong) piece on how couples should avoid showering together. As I reflected on how many times I have enjoy...
I love this story. It combines two of my favorite things, entrepreneurial spirit and craft beer. My love of craft beer started several years ago after a brief, but very enlightening love affair with g...
Not just ANY jerk. THE Jerk, as in the one portrayed by Steve Martin, a 1979 comedy written by Martin and directed by Carl Reiner (although I spent years thinking it was a Mel Brooks movie and to this...
I am a nerd. You will never insult me by calling me a nerd, because that’s exactly what I am. I came to grips with my nerdiness decades ago. For a season, I tried to disguise it because I thought I n...
Many craptastic things exist in pop culture; however a good meme isn't one of them. I don't have a cat, nor would I ever, but I have to admit, after a bad day, just a few minutes on CHEEZburger Cats c...
When I really want to get in the spirit of the season, I like my Christmas carols not just Old School, but Old World. I prefer a Celtic-tinged instrumental version of "The Holly and the Ivy" or "Silen...
There are many reasons why I cook from scratch. First and foremost, I’m a control freak. Plus, I can guarantee what is in every morsel of food on my plate. However, this Thanksgiving, I broke my cardi...
Boobies. Ta-tas. Hooters. Knockers. Melons. Boulders. Fun bags. Jugs. Sweater puppies. Headlights. Lady lumps. Mosquito Bites. Bazookas. The girls. The twins. Second base.......Do I have your attentio...