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6 days ago

According to my Twitter profile, I’ve been wasting valuable life that I will never get back since 2012. I reckon that makes me an expert on Twitter the same way Matt Yglesias is an expert because he knows Ezra Klein.

4 weeks ago

Millie Bobby Brown, known to fans of Stranger Things as Eleven, sat with Variety to talk about the new season starting tomorrow. While she was very circumspect about the "No Spoliers" rule, she did promise that Season 2 will give us more of Eleven's backstory. 

4 weeks ago

As someone who grew up on comic books, the day and age in which we live always makes me smile. To see everyone from Captain America to Wonder Woman recreated, and recreated well, on the big screen is fantastic! I love it! As a kid, the television adaptation of Wonder Woman was only good because Lynda Carter had the God-given ability to pull boys through puberty just by showing up. I watched her faithfully. As a result, I’m no longer in puberty.

4 weeks ago

First of all, let me say something right outta the gate:  I’ve never reviewed a Video game before.  I’ve never reviewed anything!  I am new.  I’m a TV writer and comedian.  That’s what I do for a living.  But I love video games so… here I go.  Write about what you love, as they say.



Frank Castle is getting his own Netflix series in November and this trailer indicates it will not disappoint.


Up until today, the movie that will reveal the young Han Solo, before he ran into the Skywalkers, did not have a name. Now we can all refer to it as Solo: A Star Wars Story. Am I the only one not impressed?


Marvel Studios just released the full length trailer for Black Panther. Fast paced with a thumping soundtrack, the premiere implies a visual thrill ride of a film, typical of the studio in recent offerings.


When we look around at the tragedy, terror, and evil found in the world today, we all need something soft to hold. At least for right now, we need Porgs.


During ESPN’s NFL game on Monday night the new trailer for Star Wars – The Last Jedi was unveiled.


The movie trailer for The Death of Stalin, had us crying with laughter. It is a comedy, albeit a dark one, that envisions the political machinations following the death of the Communist dictator of Russia.


If there is one thing 21st century politically-minded people from all across the spectrum have in common, is that they love their boycotts. As a capitalist, I understand this reaction, but I’ve never been good at these things.


I binge watched Season 1 and am dying to see what Season 2 brings. Still full of kitschy 80”s references and a good old fashioned doses of psychological terror according to the trailers, Season 2 lands just in time for Halloween 2017.

The Marvel Universe has a large expanse of Dork Matter. That is, an amorphous blob of good think which is choking out a good percentage of their potential readership. Daddy Warpig lays out the contro...
This weekend, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales had the honor (if you want to call it that) of being in the top slot of one of the worst Memorial Day box office weekends in several year...
Remember the hit television show The West Wing? It ran from 1999 to 2006 and was highly rated, winning three Golden Globe Awards and 26 Emmys. Even with its overt left-wing bias, Sorkin’s storylines g...
Well, I can knock another concert off my bucket list, but not for the reason I wanted. This time, it's Todd Rundgren, whose Bang On The Drum All Day and Hello, It’s Me were constant mix tape choices ...
Stephen Colbert’s disgusting, homophobic rant about President Trump; special snowflake safe spaces on college campuses; and news media pretenses about press rights being eviscerated under our new fasc...

About a month ago I went on a Groucho Marx YouTube binge, watching the videos then moving on to the recommended links. I ended up on the Friar's Club roasts of the early Seventies. Although I was a ki...

Please keep in mind that whenever I say “you” in this piece, I don’t mean you. I mean somebody else who isn’t you. This also goes for “we” and “our.” When I say we, I mean other people including me, b...
In "A Lesson for Today," first shared by Robert Frost in 1941, was his reflection on the purpose of writing poetry. Frost explained it as his personal "lover's quarrel with the world." Poetry as an ar...

Tom Brady has found a bit of success as a professional football player. Yet despite this, he still has a chip on his shoulder from being drafted late by the New England Patriots. People inevitably fin...


Action figures belonged to boys. Not girls. Girls had "dolls." Boys didn't own dolls. That's crazy talk. Don't @ me. I remember owning Star Wars action figures, a Luke Skywalker with extendable light...


Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 wrapped up Sunday, and boasted a good number of highlights: the heart-crushingly sweet tribute to Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher, the announcement of the game Star ...

By now, everyone from comics bloggers to news sites (both left and right-leaning) has had their say about comments by Marvel Comics vice president of sales David Gabriel saying the onslaught of divers...
Bob Barker, host of The Price is Right from 1972 to 2007, beloved by millions worldwide, is not a nice man. Oh sure, he's charming, witty, promotes animal rights, has roots back to the Native American...
In an earlier piece I pointed out how moribund the Star Wars/Star Trek franchises had become, and despite the endless movies, TV shows, and novels produced in these worlds, they provided nothing new, ...
Not just ANY jerk. THE Jerk, as in the one portrayed by Steve Martin, a 1979 comedy written by Martin and directed by Carl Reiner (although I spent years thinking it was a Mel Brooks movie and to this...
CONTAINS SPOILERS! Logan is for mature audiences and for the first time, “mature” doesn’t mean there’s a sex scene. Hugh Jackman’s final X-Men movie is a somber farewell told in the style of the com...
The Oscars were no surprise this year, as always. There was talk about racism, women's rights, the evil rich white guy (except for them), and the need for artistic beauty, and blah, blah, blah. Yet ea...

Netflix gave us the first look at the upcoming Iron Fist with the trailer it released in February. In a little less than two weeks, the series debuts in full. Will audiences want yet another adaptatio...