The ratings are right. Celebrity Apprentice isn't that great this year. Perhaps Trump is correct in his assessment - Arnold sucks as this year's host, or perhaps this reality-show concept has simply run its course. Celebrity elites playing games to boost egos and careers while making money for charity was entertaining in the beginning. Strong celebrity personalities clashing makes for hilarious drama.  Who could forget the Gary Busey and Meatloaf meltdown?

Seriously . . . who can't appreciate this. Everyone has a Gary in his or her life and we all have an inner enraged Meatloaf that rears its ugly head every now and then. But this season, the celebrities and the tasks aren't that great.

The show and Schwarzenegger are just lame.  Instead of the Trumpish "You're Fired," the Governor overacts and gruffly tells eliminated contestants "You're Terminated. Get to the Chopper." The biggest drama so far on the show was when one contestant bought more time for a task by intentionally causing a technical failure (he cut a computer power cord) for which he was promptly sent packing. And President Trump, one of the executive producers, has noticed - big league.


To some this may seem rather petty - after all as President Elect, Trump should have more important things on his mind other than how Arnold fared with the show's premiere and first week ratings. However, as an executive producer, Trump is a stakeholder in the show's success or failure; he's entitled to an opinion.

Unfortunately the President can't let the criticism go and he chose the National Prayer Breakfast to take another swipe at the show and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As expected, this provoked a Schwarzenegger response suggesting he and Donald switch jobs:



So who would feel better with President Schwarzenegger in charge? (Yes, I know he was born in Austria and theoretically that could never happen . . . but just for argument's sake . . . what if?) As Governor of California, he nor the state fared well under his leadership. His legacy is bleak at best, according to Steve Lopez of the LA Times:

So Schwarzenegger went from sexual harassment allegations as he entered office to a sex scandal on his way out of office. There's a neat symmetry to it all, especially when you consider that while he was governor, all of California got screwed.

The man who was against borrowing broke borrowing records. The man who said he didn't need to raise campaign donations raised more than anyone. The man who replaced a governor with a 22% popularity rating ended up matching that all-time low. The man who promised to balance the budget left office with record deficits.

You can blame some of that on Schwarzenegger, some on the Legislature, and some on voters who were swept up by the action hero antics of Schwarzenegger the candidate, a man who now confesses in the book that he had no idea what he was doing.

Let's just hope that this silly back and forth is simply a ploy to boost ratings. We may not like it but it would explain a lot:



And let's say a little prayer that President Trump is as successful as Commander in Chief as he was as America's top boss. America won't survive another tell-all book by a failed politician who confesses the largest con job in its history. Let's pray he knows what he is doing and his winning streak continues.