So today, the Internet is exploding with people both bemoaning and celebrating the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. I honestly don’t care who anyone voted for, but I have been rather sickened by the violent responses toward our new president. Yes our president, like him or not.

From tweets to lame punchlines from leftist comedians, I’ve noticed one thing particularly distressing I haven’t seen at this level with the past four presidents. That is the flippant, hateful, and criminally negligent comments about wishing to see Trump assassinated.

One disgusting Tweeter even flat-out requested it “If somebody can successfully assassinate Trump and his VP today, that'll be lovely, lol.” Oh, but they added “LOL,” so that makes it funny.

Even CNN dropped a few little “hints” that Trump's presidency would be disrupted if he and Pence were killed, not that they actually hope this, mind you. They even pointed out in one segment how a “Designated Survivor” would be someone from the Obama Administration, so no worries if he were to meet with an accident.

Whoa, wait a minute. Haven’t I defended “offensive humor” in past commentaries? Yes, I have. Go ahead and make jokes about his appearance, his comments and behavior. Joke about wanting to see him get him impeached, if you must, but lean in close, so I can give you a little hint as a writer:

Never, ever, never, NEVER joke about killing the sitting President of the United States!

I didn’t vote for Clinton (either of them), Obama, or Trump, and I particularly didn’t like the 44th POTUS’s politics, but the idea of wishing death upon any of them, whether or not I agree with their agenda, I can't fathom. As for Trump, he hasn’t done anything yet, except not be the candidate some very vocal people voted for. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

He’s brand new. I don’t know if he’ll be a blessing or curse, but I do know I don’t want to see the man killed violently in front of his wife and children. I might have been happy to see Obama’s condescending attitude towards everyone with whom  he disagrees leaving the White House…on his own two feet. I would be as saddened as even his biggest supporters to see Obama, a dedicated and loving father of two girls, be brutally murdered.

These comments aren’t actual threats, are they? What’s the big deal, anyways? No one will take this seriously, right? Actually, yes, someone will.

We have a friend who used to be a disc jockey in a West Coast state. He was a pretty liberal guy socially, but wasn’t particularly into discussing politics. I don’t remember how the topic came up, but he was talking about how seriously “they” take jokes about assassinating the President of the United States.

He remembered making the announcement on air when then president Bill Clinton was going to throw out the first pitch at a major league baseball game. “Just to be dumb, I said ‘where’s Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him’,” he joked.

He said within the hour, he was visited in his booth by two Secret Service agents, who “very politely” yet “very seriously” told him why you never make these types of jokes on air. They knew full well he was being a smartass, and would never want to actually kill anyone, but for some fringe kook out there, that might be just the encouragement they need.

With Twitter and Facebook, these little jokes will reach even more people even quicker, and this is incredibly dangerous. Frankly, from some of the bloodthirsty vitriol I’ve seen recently, the danger is very real. So, jokey types, you might be bitter now and just venting with what you think is dark humor, but you don’t want to be the one giving a true psychopath an open invitation to commit a horrible crime. Now that the person you are talking about is actually President, these comments just might be getting some special attention from some “very polite” folk.

However, if you actually do want to see him — or any President —die this way, well that says more horrifyingly dark things about you than any world leader you are indirectly threatening.