"But, but we lost an election and the government is doing things I don't agree with!"

I just adore the far Progressive Left.  Donald Trump was elected President of the United States with a convincing Electoral College majority and has been office a little over a week. And they haven't stopped screaming, stomping their feet and rallying around truly ridiculous ideas.

They kicked off donning "pussy hats" and dressing up as female genitalia for a march where the premiere sponsors were the abortion industry. Hilariously called "The Women's March" it was completely devoid of policy prescriptions, coherent ideas and a consistent message. All I heard was keep killing babies, don't objectify me as I sit here in my vagina costume and we really hate Donald Trump. Well done ladies, I'm still laughing.

In the first week of Trump's presidency the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media furiously debated Inauguration crowd size and traded "definitive" pictures to support their case that Trump was LYING. Here's a clue. Most of us don't care. Oh, and the reaction which was all about themselves to the initial Spicer press conference? Delicious. The whining and theatrics when the "correct" outlets weren't selected first at subsequent press conferences? I'm still laughing. The arrogance is amazing.

So on Friday, President Trump signed an executive order halting immigration and refugee admittance from seven countries specified in the 2015 Terrorist Travel Prevention Act signed by President Obama. Which by the way suspended visa waivers for the same visas that have now been paused. Muslim Ban!! The Left screamed and much hashtag traffic was born. Accept it's not a Muslim Ban and now we are pretty sure your allies in the media really do make stuff up. Or at least keep the actual facts hidden to support your narrative.

Now the little buttercups are calling for a #NationalStrike! to oust Trump and the GOP. They now propose everyone should walk off the job and refuse to work "in solidarity". Oh, the genius is evident in this one folks. Let me explain.

I suggest our Progressive friends read up on At-Will Employment doctrine. An employer can fire you for any reason that is not discriminatory unless you are covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Walking off the job is as good a reason as any and if you stay out for any length of time my bet is your employer will ensure you are made available to the market. Oh and because absence and walking of the job are considered voluntary terminations in most states, you likely won't collect any unemployment either.

Even if you are covered by a union contract, the vast majority of both public and private sector union contracts have a "No Strike, No Lockout" clause in it. Even with a the protection of a union, striking during the term of the contract can be grounds for termination. And please, file a charge with the National Labor Relations Board. This is the Trump Administration. I don't think his appointees will be too sympathetic.

Not to mention as of December 2016, there were approximately 95 million people unemployed or under-employed for economic reasons. You aren't really that special. I worked in HR Management for years. I know this for a fact.

Next let's look at the real impact. If you live in Coastal California, New York City and and the assorted other blue dots and this idea catches on, life may well suck for a few days. The vast majority of the country? Meh.


A bunch of baristas, college students, actors and assorted others on a #NationalStrike! will garner much media attention from your allies in the mainstream media. And once again, the rest of us will be laughing. We know where you are. The centers of finance, entertainment,technology and the press.

I guarantee you Wall Street will not strike. Bless their little capitalist hearts. And if you shut down Facebook and Twitter for a day or two? Awesome! Your bleeding heart CEO's do what is "politically correct" in the Technocracy, but they are capitalists too. Good luck! A few Hollywood shows get behind in production? A movie falls off schedule? Please do! You may just seem more Conservatives in entertainment. Your studio execs, surprise, are also really capitalists. Maybe having their financial situation impacted by the stupidity they have spawned will change their minds about a few things. So please, press on comrades!

Once again you will be bringing your own cities and industries to a grinding halt to be matched only by the destruction wrought and the mess you leave behind. While the vast expanse between the coasts continues to laugh. It's a shame more of you epic whiners didn't turn out on Election Day. Where it mattered. Because there is no prize for winning the popular vote by winning an overwhelming majority of Los Angeles. Your message fails in Michigan and Ohio and you don't even know why. However, we do.

In short, that vast expanse of red survived eight years of President Obama. We weathered his excessive and intrusive Executive Orders , dangerous and naive foreign policy and outright contempt while quietly amassing strength in numbers at the local and state level. Now, the Federal level too. Deal with it my pretties. You lost. And as a former President said, "Elections have consequences" and if you want change "Go out there and win an election".