When I think of cops in Texas, I think of no-nonsense, 'get the job done' law enforcers who don't play the social justice game while in the performance of their duties.

I need to re-calibrate my sights.

About a week ago, an eight-month-old was left in a locked car in a movie theater parking lot while the parents and older child were inside watching a movie. The cell-phone video went viral, but for two incredible reasons: the parents weren't arrested, and the reason WHY the parents weren't arrested. Read the story below:


The Corpus Christi Police Department tried, and failed, to clarify the officer's actions:


Here are my thoughts on this incident, from both a law enforcement and a common-sense American perspective:

The officers involved were negligent in not immediately detaining the parents and contacting Child Protective Services, and should have arrested the parents for child endangerment. There’s no excuse at all for leaving your eight-month old in a locked car for hours while you watch a movie. None. The officers were wrong in determining, on their own, that the child was not in immediate danger. I have a feeling that the responding officers asses have been handed to them for dropping the ball big time on this one and making their department look ridiculous.

Also, the department “clarified” but not really. They are trying to backtrack and fix their original mistake by getting CPS involved after the fact and charging the parents with child abandonment/endangerment, but this should have been done on the scene. The department should have admitted THAT mistake, as well as let the public know that these officers would get remedial training, assuring the community that an incident like this wouldn’t happen again.

As far as the “culture” of the parents… what a mess. We aren’t a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of Americans, of laws, and of God. Immigrants eager to come here for our freedom and prosperity come here not to live as immigrants, but to live as Americans, from day one. That’s what my parents did when they came here. If they follow the law, OUR laws, they have a good chance to earn the privilege of being an American with that freedom and prosperity, and the rights in our country protected by our Constitution and granted to them by God. It's embarrassing to me, as a prior law enforcement professional, that CCPD was fooled into releasing them without arrest under the guise of "culture".

This story seems to be generating a lot of animosity towards Middle Eastern culture but a lot of that might be misplaced. Personally, I don’t think these “parents” (I’m making quotation marks with my fingers) were actually referring to their culture when leaving an eight-month-old in a locked van. I think they were trying to get out of being arrested and were taking advantage of a society that has been inundated with Social Justice Warriors who would sue a police department and city at the slightest rumor of bigotry or harassment, especially when it’s being obviously recorded on a cell phone. Mission accomplished. The police were too scared to do what they should have done, and the parents got away with it (at least temporarily). Hopefully, both the parents and the police have learned their lesson.

The fact the article states that the 29-year-old father and 17-year-old mother had a four-year-old child is a discussion best left for CPS, who is investigating the situation now. This part may, indeed, be culture-related. I pray that the kids are ok.