Much has been made of the chilling similarities between Adolf Hitler and populist President, Donald Trump. Leading intellectuals in entertainment and journalism have carefully considered the parallels in the rise of one of the most horrible dictators and mass-murderers in history and Adolf Hitler.





Though that may seem hyperbolic, let’s look at the evidence through our utterly rational 21st century lenses.

Hitler asserts those of Jewish heritage subvert Germany – 1920
Trump donates $100,000 to the Museum of Jewish Heritage – 2012

Hitler tries to seize power in a failed coup known as the Beer Hall Putsch – 1920
Trump crudely jokes about seizing a woman’s vagina – 2005

Hitler tried for Treason – 1924
Trump faces Bankruptcy Court - 1992

Mein Kampf Published - 1925
Art of the Deal Published – 1987

Hitler runs for President, fails – 1932
Trump runs for President, fails - 1988, 2004, 2012

Hitler executes friend, fellow Nazi and noted homosexual Ernst Röhm – 1934
Trump harshly fires openly gay Clay Lee on the Apprentice – 2005

Hitler’s SS destroys printing presses and harasses journalists out of their jobs - 1933
Trump calls the New York Times, “the failing New York Times” on Twitter, refuses to take questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta. – 2016-2017

Hitler inspires Nazi thugs to break glass and burn things down. – 1939
Trump inspires “antifa” thugs to break glass and burn things down – 2017

Hitler enters into Stalin-Hitler pact – 1939
Trump starts selling Trump Vodka – 2005

Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany – 1933
Trump elected President of the United States – 2017

I'll leave you with a thought from the paper of Woodward and Bernstein.


It's time to fire up those time machines and deal with Baby Drumph before it's too late.