The second weekend in October means one thing in Texas, the annual rivalry game against Oklahoma known as the Red River Showdown. The Texas Longhorns (3-2) host the Sooners (4-1) in the 112th matchup. Instead of telling you about Baker Mayfield’s chances of beating Sam Ehlinger, let me tell you what I’ll focus on: which newbie head coach will look the best on the sideline?


Oklahoma brings Lincoln Riley to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas for his first Showdown as head coach. At the tender age of 33, Riley is the youngest head coach in the FBS, which explains why his five o-clock shadow looks painted on in an attempt to look older. He has the classic, ”boy-next-door” smile and looks a million times better than his predecessor, the famous Bob Stoops. However, his game day garb needs tweaking.


The Nike shades, a positive, and visor, a negative, result in a wash that detracts from looking like a coach who means business. Instead, the urge to giggle, pinch his cheek, and try to set him up on a date with your daughter overtakes you. Coach Riley, good luck this Saturday and don’t wear the visor.


On the opposing side, Tom Herman leads the Longhorns to Dallas for his first time as head coach as well. Tom Herman’s reputation as an unconventional coach precedes him, as the man who busses his players on the cheek pregame and the man who pulled on a University of Houston hat as the confetti for the Ohio State Buckeyes College Football Playoff Championship floated around him.


These odd behaviors bring an aura of mystery-with-a-shot-of-danger to Herman and yes, it’s attractive. That’s before I even mention his eyes. His eyes, which give looks ranging from serious to “how you doin’?” in the course of a postgame press conference. Herman’s game day attire works for him as well. He sports the Nike shades like Riley’s, albeit with a burnt orange swoosh, and wears a ball cap instead of a visor.


As he struts up and down the sidelines on game day, he looks confident; resulting in an urge mimicking the one you got when your high school BFF’s older brother came home from college. You remember that urge, don’t you? Coach Herman, good luck this Saturday; and congratulations on winning the Best Looking Coach Matchup for the week.


Interested in seeing the matchup live? Check out the Red River Showdown on Saturday, October 14 at 3:30 EST on ESPN.