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Author: Ursa Major

Crone’s Disease

Written by on 8 March 2017

The ability to spot injustice in the post-Obama years is breathtaking. Identity politics infuses every aspect of life, including, most prominently, culture. Western Culture has been laid bare as a cesspool of dehumanizing behavior, resulting in a myriad of marginalized persons denied acceptance without question. People ignorantly suffer under Western Culture with its yoke of individualism, […]

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Hootie And The Whitefish

Written by on 18 January 2017

The perception exists that race is still the topic most loaded with emotion and vitriol in this country today.  Just three days ago, Ross Kaminsky published an interesting piece in The American Spectator equating, in a novel way, the incessant labeling of racism to that of “Blood Libel.” The context of Mr. Kaminsky’s metaphor is […]

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Gifts Of The Year 2016

Written by on 26 December 2016

Omniscience is a blessing and a curse. Those possessed with omniscience, to one degree or another, have the ability to see into the future, and make predictions. The ability to see the future is usually a vision of a rather narrow field. Nevertheless, foresightedness, is a powerful ability. Seeing the future accurately tends to create […]

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Darth Rowe – Hero

Written by on 9 December 2016

This missive proves that I am a risk taker. I am about to secularly blaspheme a US icon, and do so with written violence. Yes, I am going to take on the Star Wars franchise regarding a frustrating plot point, and to use this now glaring oversight as a cautionary tale for our country, and, […]

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Reflections and Schadenfreude

Written by on 6 December 2016

November 8, 2016 was an interesting day. Donald Trump was not my first (or twelfth) choice for the Republican nominee for President. By the same token, Hilary Clinton was not my 10 millionth choice for President. Math, my longtime nemesis, won, and I pinched nose and voted in the morning. That evening, I substituted for […]

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