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Author: J.F. Cicci

CRYOTHERAPY: Freezing Depression 2 ½ Minutes at a Time

Written by on 6 December 2016

Disclaimer: The author is not a medical professional and is discussing her personal experience and results. The Loftus Party does not recommend this treatment or any other treatment without consulting with your personal physician. The internet with its variety of social platforms and websites has allowed Americans to acquire information and meet people at an […]

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Follow Me or Else! The Rise of the Social Media Mafia

Written by on 21 November 2016

It starts with insecurity. You know? That unsure, unstable feeling that makes you question your fondness for men who drive Priuses, that nagging feeling that makes you question your decision to get a back tattoo of a giant snow leopard leaping from the snow-capped Rocky Mountains or that sinking feeling when you thought a pair […]

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