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Author: Kim Dixon

Stop Using “Dick”-tionary Definitions

Written by on 26 April 2017

Have you ever met uppity, know-it-alls on social media who try to debate you with facts and textbook definitions meant to validate opinions. Well, according to Everyday Feminism, they are using their dick-tionary. Don’t be intimidated, especially when engaging with serious topics like racism. And, whatever you do, don’t be suckered into cracking open a dictionary which […]

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Who Knew Crappuccinos Could Be So Triggering?

Written by on 22 April 2017

Why does Starbucks hate its baristas? Dipping a toe into the realm of controversy for publicity is the only explanation for the recent triggering over the Unicorn Frappuccino. Only available for a limited time in participating stores, baristas were being tortured to make a dessert drink instead of a coffee creation. The only customers who could fully […]

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Packing a Bag for the Homeless

Written by on 20 April 2017

Recently I was garden shopping with a friend intent on a Spring spiffing up of her backyard and while helping her load the car, I noticed all of these random bags.  She revealed that they were her homeless bags. The befuddled expression on my face must have spoken volumes because she quickly explained that she fills […]

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The Age of Vampires and Zombies

Written by on 2 March 2017

If you aren’t fully aboard the Trump train but give a daily prayer of thanks that America voted to resist slow death by socialism, you might feel a bit out of place, especially on social media. If you like something the new administration is proposing, you might be attacked for supporting the Trump sh**show. If […]

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Meme Therapy

Written by on 21 February 2017

Many craptastic things exist in pop culture; however a good meme isn’t one of them. I don’t have a cat, nor would I ever, but I have to admit, after a bad day, just a few minutes on CHEEZburger Cats can help me unwind and clear away the nasties. It’s my therapy and one that can […]

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The Danger of Erasing History

Written by on 17 February 2017

Across the country, erasing history has become a movement, especially with educational institutions, an attempt to suppress the damning nature of the Democrat party.  Yale University recently announced its decision to rename Calhoun College, a move that Yale’s president had previously refused. Apparently, the school has reconsidered and the institution will be now named Grace Murray Hopper College. And, […]

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Westminster Dog Show Gone Wild – Cat Edition

Written by on 3 February 2017

I’m borderline Peter Venkman on this – dogs and cats showing together? Mass hysteria or simply a headscratcher? Why would the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show break from 140 years of tradition and feature cats?  At this year’s competition (February 11 – 14) in New York city it’s happening; pedigree cats are welcome to participate […]

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