The top five fabulous finds from the interwebz for the 28th of March.

1. Just when it seems Donald Trump can’t get a fair shake anywhere, it comes from where you least expect it. Former Sex Pistols frontman, Johnny Rotten, told the Good Morning Britain the way Trump terrifies politicians is a joy to behold. Maybe the punk icon is an option for the Inaugural Ball in 2020?

2. Does this look Like Star Trek to you? It seems some industrious folks have figured out a way to send you a glass of lemonade over the internet. Is a replicator really that far away?

And why not? Many of Star Trek’s futuristic equipment has become a reality. Is the Holodeck next?

3. So government funding of the arts has become the new political football. Our own Lisa Tate weighed in on the controversy earlier in the debate asserting government art is no better than government cheese. If you can’t sell it, don’t make it. Well here’s an artist we love. He makes outstanding nature pictures with gunpowder and FIRE. Watch Danny Shervin work. And I have the perfect spot for this piece all picked out.

4. In case you missed it, some Star Wars fan has done the ultimate. They have taken footage from the end of Rogue One and smashed it together with the beginning of A New Hope. 

5. Apparently, men live longer if they have more sex and stare at a lot of melons. It’s SCIENCE. However, please read all the way to the end. It also appears a long, happy marriage and a few kids help men live longer and healthier as well. So since looking at cute animals has the same positive emotional effects as staring at an amazing rack, you may want to focus on having a lot of great sex with your partner and stare at a different type of puppies.