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Supporting Artists…with Capitalism?

Written by on 24 March 2017

So the current budget proposal from the President was recently revealed, and people are already taking sides on his intention to decrease the National Endowment for the Arts’ budget of $148 million. Some arguments supporting the NEA seem to be along the lines of “oh, what a horrible world it would be without the arts, […]

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All of Your Favorite Superheroes Suck

Written by on 23 March 2017

In an earlier piece I pointed out how moribund the Star Wars/Star Trek franchises had become, and despite the endless movies, TV shows, and novels produced in these worlds, they provided nothing new, exciting, or interesting for the consumer. Wonder Woman: June 2017 Release When it comes to past-their-prime franchises, I left out the oldest […]

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The Not-So-Great Divorce

Written by on 9 March 2017

If you’ve ever been in a fight with your spouse you know that there are certain lines you just don’t cross. Certain things you must not say, because if you say them, even in the heat of anger, you can’t take them back. Once you’ve calmed down and apologized for the fight you’ll have to […]

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Crone’s Disease

Written by on 8 March 2017

The ability to spot injustice in the post-Obama years is breathtaking. Identity politics infuses every aspect of life, including, most prominently, culture. Western Culture has been laid bare as a cesspool of dehumanizing behavior, resulting in a myriad of marginalized persons denied acceptance without question. People ignorantly suffer under Western Culture with its yoke of individualism, […]

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A Day Without A Brain

Written by on 7 March 2017

A Day Without a Woman, set to take place on March 8th, is one of ten actions (the first being the actual march on DC) being sponsored by the Women’s March on Washington, a ultra-progressive movement with support from some of the hardest left-leaning groups in America, including Planned Parenthood and MoveOn.Org, and organized by a […]

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The Mob Rules

Written by on 6 March 2017

In the spirit of the First Amendment, which states that “hate speech is not free speech”, Middlebury students ran another controversial speaker off campus. Not only shouting down Charles Murray’s presentation but also physically injuring a faculty member and swarming their car as they tried to leave campus. As is usual for liberal thinkers and […]

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