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Conservatives Will Never Win the Culture War

Written by on 1 June 2017

Conservatives will never win the culture war. I’m sorry to break this to you. Our ostensible political party sometimes wins elections, but these victories are both temporary and ephemeral, at best. What does winning the culture war even mean? Have you considered what winning would look like? What are the terms of victory? The progressive, […]

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“House of Cards” vs Reality

Written by on 30 May 2017

Remember the hit television show The West Wing? It ran from 1999 to 2006 and was highly rated, winning three Golden Globe Awards and 26 Emmys. Even with its overt left-wing bias, Sorkin’s storylines gave us an idealized yet engaging glimpse into what life in the Executive branch could be like. But I stopped watching roughly […]

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You Really Can’t Go Home Again

Written by on 25 May 2017

One thing that the Manhattan Institute’s Kay Hymowitz and I have in common is that we both went to Cheltenham High School in southeastern Pennsylvania, though I attended some years after she did. Professional baseball player Reggie Jackson also went to Cheltenham, as did Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The less said about my academic […]

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