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Sidney Powell: Release the Kraken [VIDEO]

Sidney Powell says she has a kraken to release. We see zero downside to this. None at all.
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Watch Michael’s Nov. 21 Appearance on ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’

Or, at least catch a little bit of it.
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The House Is Rockin’…and Everyone’s Welcome

Thanksgiving should be celebrated with friends and family. Here's some music videos that pack in the party guests.
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Sidney Powell: ‘It Will Be Epic’ (We’re Cool with That)

The latest on Sidney Powell. She says it will be epic. We're cool with that.
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Mandalorian Boob Armor: What’s the Problem?

I'm actually happy there IS a fight over boob armor in The Mandalorian. Simply because it highlights the incredible lameness...
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Life Changing Burger? Yes. [VIDEO]

This may be the best cheeseburger. We cannot wait to make one!
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Video Fun

Loftus Party Podcast

#7: Are We Done Debating Already?

Also, how to put the fun in funeral!

#6: Stupid State Laws and Free College!

Stupid state laws and free college!

#5: Killer Robots and the Supreme Court

Killer robots and the Supreme Court!!

#4: The One where Hillary Becomes a Republican

Hillary Becomes a Republican!

#3: The One with hip hop Bernie Sanders

Hip hop Bernie Sanders and MC Adam Sandler