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Barbara Palvin & Much Goodness [VIDEO]

Barbara Palvin can't not look amazing.
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In Their Own Words: Ruling Class on ‘Glitter Bombing’ Republicans [VIDEO]

How does our ruling class react to people 'glitter bombing' Republicans?
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New Episode of ‘Whiskey Business’ Is Here [VIDEO]

New episode of 'Whiskey Business' podcast has drinking and predictions for 2021.
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Blacklist the Communists Who Want to Blacklist Trump Officials

Society should blacklist those who support evil.
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Old School Southern Rock on This Week’s Sunday Jams

Some sweet ass, old school, southern rock.
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Boundary Scares the Shit out of Me. Let’s Play! [VIDEO]

Zero gravity, first-person shooter? Sounds scary. Let's play Boundary.
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Loftus Party Podcast

#4: The One where Hillary Becomes a Republican

Hillary Becomes a Republican!

#3: The One with hip hop Bernie Sanders

Hip hop Bernie Sanders and MC Adam Sandler

#2: The One with the Snowstorm in DC

More Flint water, the EPA, no debate for Trump! And the Zika virus. Plus Michaeltopia!!

#1: The One with Sarah Palin and Donald Trump

Flint water, Star Wars news, gun control, The National Review and Geisha girls
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