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Mother’s Day 2017 After-Action Report

Written by on 15 May 2017

Now that Mother’s Day 2017 has come and gone, we need to address some serious issues about motherhood in America. Some of you will be offended by what I’m about to reveal. If you are, take a good hard look in the mirror, smash the glass into pieces, and turn on Facebook instead: self-examination isn’t […]

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That Meryl Streep Speech Though…

Written by on 9 January 2017

Like thousands of Americans, I decided to tune in to last night’s Golden Globes. Like a few hundred conservatives, I watched with scrutiny as a bunch of drunk Hollywood elites pretended not to be as they laughed and cried among themselves over the horrors of 2016’s election results. Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, who was chastised for […]

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