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Men Like Gorgeous Women (and Women Like Tough Men)

Written by on 4 February 2017

UPDATE (Feb. 7, 2017): Added full-size photo of the Redskins cheerleaders with the Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan to the bottom of the post. Men like gorgeous women and women like tough men. This is an indisputable, fundamental fact. But if someone is prone to denying it, discussing war is a great way to bring […]

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Superhuman Warfighters

Written by on 29 December 2016

Superhuman abilities are emerging, and they will become more pronounced and widespread in the future. Advances in research and development are such that civilian and military leaders are now discussing how they will change the world. One of the more interesting aspects to explore is how they will alter national security. And I spoke with […]

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Dogs of War

Written by on 11 December 2016

Dogs are a popular pet. But they can be more than that when someone properly trains them. And a canine that people train to be a military working dog is a particularly special beast. Dogs are animals. And that means they should have plenty of access to the outdoors. A well-trained dog that lives on […]

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