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Stephen Colbert, Special Snowflakes, and Media Panic Explained

Written by on 3 May 2017

Stephen Colbert’s disgusting, homophobic rant about President Trump; special snowflake safe spaces on college campuses; and news media pretenses about press rights being eviscerated under our new fascist regime all have the same root cause, and it’s not ideology. That progressives engage in this behavior is incidental to a deeper problem, one that we must […]

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The Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Initiative

Written by on 16 November 2016

If recent election returns have taught us anything, it’s that the American Progressive Left is absolutely terrified of anyone who doesn’t think like them. Between impotent protests/riots against democratically-held elections to hysterical name-calling in the news media, the far left reeks of pants-wetting terror. And while this fear may be sweet to those of us […]

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