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There Will Be More Bradley Mannings

Written by on 18 January 2017

Aldrich Ames. Alger Hiss. Tokyo Rose. Robert Hanssen. Ana Montes. The Rosenbergs. These are but a few of the many convicted traitors and spies over the last hundred years who committed espionage against the United States. Many were trusted with the information they stole after taking oaths under penalty of law to protect it. Their reasons for taking our […]

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Made For a Man Who Thinks He’s a Woman

Written by on 4 November 2016

It was really bad enough when Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders decided I had too many options in the underarm odor control aisle. Apparently me wanting an array of options to ensure I smell like a rose at all times causes hungry children or something. Really it doesn’t, except in the mind of an aging […]

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Queer Wonder Woman vs. the First Transgender Superhuman

Written by on 11 October 2016

DC Comics has decided to make Wonder Woman queer. This follows contemporary trends. But if you’re interested in fiction that bucks convention, read, “The First Transgender Superhuman.” The Los Angeles Times recently reported that filmmakers are making a documentary about the creator of Wonder Woman, which focuses on how he and his wife had a […]

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