We Must Have a Common Reality

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I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but evidently it has. A large potion of America has lost the ability to recognize reality. This is not good. Not good for you, me or anyone who happens to be a resident of what I think is arguably the best place to live on planet earth: America.

At first it was kind of comical. Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS is what people were calling it. That’s the name for people who were so completely floored that Trump got elected President, they couldn’t seem to deal with it. Armed with a handful of selectively edited sound bites, these people INSISTED Trump was a racist. INSISTED! They KNEW it to be true. For them it was a fact. When presented with a long list of Trumps actions and policies that were clearly not racist they simply didn’t care. In other words, when confronted with overwhelming evidence that President Trump had done significantly more for minorities than most presidents in modern history, they just didn’t care. They had chosen a different reality and that was that. End of story.

So, as a most people did, we just watched and laughed on the inside. It was silliness to us. Those crazy people and their wacky TDS. It was a joke. We watched the policies get put into place. We watched the unemployment numbers drop. We watched minority owned small businesses flourish. We watched prison reform get put into place. Let the TDS people stomp their feet, reality was undeniable. So we chuckled.

We shouldn’t have. It was a mistake.

The denial of reality didn’t stop. It just continued to grow. For years, all of America heard how Trump was a Russian asset. He was in the pocket of Putin. Trump had stolen the Election. We even heard how Adam Schiff had evidence! Which we now know he didn’t. All of this was a lie. A constant drumbeat of lies to help cement the new chosen reality. A reality chosen by the media and left. They were adding another ingredient to the “Orange Man Bad” cake. And to a large extent it worked.

When faced with the results of the Mueller Probe, that cleared the president of Russia collusion. That stated no American colluded with Russia. Many people chose not to believe it. They had a new reality they were living in. And if you chose not to accept their reality, YOU were a mindless Trump-bot. That’s the icing on the cake. If you deny their insane world, their reality completely devoid of facts, then you’re a robot.

Facts don’t matter. Findings don’t matter. Policies don’t matter. Actions don’t matter. If you don’t accept what someone FEELS to be true, then you’re a mindless drone.

This is bad. And it’s only getting worse.

We are now watching night after night of looting, violence and lawlessness and the same people who brought us “Trump’s a racist” and “Trump’s a Russian spy” are now delivering a new reality: Peaceful Protests. Never mind that we can watch the violence in real time on TV. Never mind we can see it with our own two eyes. Cops getting run over. Shop owners beaten. Fires in historic churches. Who cares if we can SEE IT? We are being told that these are peaceful protests and not riots.

This is where I draw the line. Now people are getting hurt. Now people are being murdered. We are in danger of losing the rule of law, because a small group of powerful people on the Left and in the Media want to deny reality. And this time reality cannot be denied. It is a riot. It is lawlessness. It cannot be allowed to stand.

So here is some real reality for you.

If you are being attacked and the police cannot get to you, defend yourself with overwhelming force. If we cannot rely on the police we must rely on ourselves.

Everyone agrees that what happened to George Floyd was criminal and we must do everything we can to insure nothing like it happens again.

We all agree that peaceful protests and freedom of speech are essential.

We must also agree that crime is bad. And if someone commits a crime they are punished accordingly. I do not care what your skin color is. If you commit a crime there must be consequences. Really hoping “crime is bad” fits into EVERYONE’S reality. Stick with me.

Like them or not, we need the police. Without the police we are reduced to “who has the most brute force?” The strong will rule over the weak. That’s not civilization. That’s some feudal lord, dark ages bullshit. Hopefully we all can agree that would be bad.

To summarize: I’m cool with you living in your fantasy land crazy ass reality UNTIL it starts to mess up ACTUAL reality. That’s when I stand up. This is when people get angry. Normally, I give zero shits what you do. I really don’t. But when I am concerned about my family’s safety? All bets are off. Because this all comes down to the rights of the individual. We all have a reasonable expectation of life and liberty.

Without one reality we lose everything.

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2020-06-02 21:35:03

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