Why Aren’t We Surfing Right Now? Now! [VIDEO]


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This is pretty much an ad for Kaloea swimwear and we don’t care. It’s fantastic. Love the shots. Tropical islands and surfing just gets more and more appealing to me. Not sure if it’s just the idea of an escape from everything and I’m not sure that I care. Ha!

I could watch surf videos for hours. Every year I tell myself that this is the year I learn how to surf. This is the year I go to Hawaii and learn dammit. Well, guess what? I’m saying it again right now! But until I go, I’m gonna watch this video again.

This was actually shot at Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. Guess I gotta go there too.

If you’re interested in the swimwear, here’s the site.

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2020-06-02 17:52:45
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