No One Wants Peace

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Left, center, and right have lectured us for years about the need for decency and civility. They’ve said “we’ve” become too indecent and too uncivil. But ask yourself this: have they ever addressed any of the issues that are affecting you? Any of your grievances? No? Because they’ve never addressed any of mine, and I’ve been nothing but a law-abiding citizen. Yet now that Peaceful Protesters are engaging in a violent insurrection across the nation, they all agree that the insurrectionists have “legitimate grievances” about “racial inequality” and “police brutality.” This response makes it clear: no one actually wants peace.

I’ll say up front that I’m not suggesting that anyone engage in violence. I’m simply observing what is true. Also, if you do not belong to the right group of people and you become unlawfully violent, the government will use its full force to crush you, your family, and anyone who offers you any support. So I’ll repeat it: I’m not calling for violence. I’m indeed telling you not to be violent. But the ruling class is saying something much different.

We’re living in a country where journalists, Hollywood, politicians, government officials, religious leaders, corporations, and the rest of the ruling class believe that progressive insurrectionists have a right to riot and destroy things, and even attempt to murder us—and that we are morally wrong if we try to stop them. We are told we need to let them be violent and then listen to why they are upset.

This is unquestionably evil.

You might think that at least conservatives and libertarians—those on the right—would oppose this. But they don’t. Not really. You might get a few comments from them about how they don’t like the violence and want it to end, but they agree that there are “legitimate” reasons for what started this all; they agree that “systemic racism” and “police brutality” are issues that we need to address and need to address NOW!

This is quite revealing. It shows that all those calls for “civility” and “decency” have been lies.

I’ll never forget this and neither should you. No one—not progressives, not centrists, not conservatives and libertarians—responds positively to civility, decency, and lawfulness. They don’t respect it; they despise it. They’ll never address the concerns and grievances of those who are civil, decent, and law-abiding.

Simply put once more: no one in the ruling class wants peace.

Top: Screen Grab of video from Fox News.

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