Rush Limbaugh & I Realize Why ‘A Peaceful Divorce’ Won’t Work

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On the June 2 edition of his eponymous radio show, Rush Limbaugh noted why attempting to peaceably separate America into two countries won’t work. His observation matched a portion of what I wrote in “A Peaceful Divorce,” a short story published in January of this year.

Limbaugh was speaking with a caller who was talking about how divided America has become when the caller brought up the idea of dividing the nation as a solution to the problem. Here is what the caller said and how Limbaugh responded.

CALLER: And, you know, I’ve thought about, well, maybe the country should be divided in two. Maybe they should be on their one side of the country and we should —

RUSH: Yeah, but, you know, I’ve thought about that, I’ve thought about that. We’ve run that whole, okay, let’s divvy it up. It wouldn’t work because the left would end up having to cross the border into our part of the country because theirs would be like their blue states are now.

Limbaugh is right. And it’s something I actually wrote into “A Peaceful Divorce,” a super short story I published at Virtual Pulp in January.

The People’s Republic of Utopia has begun constructing a giant wall to separate it from us—from Eastern America. (Seriously, that’s what we decided on for the name of our new nation.) The PRU says it’s to stop the “threat” from us, but everyone knows that’s not true.

As soon as the PRU became official, it opened its borders, and all of Mexico, Central America, and South America flooded it. It’s turned into quite the mess of a country already and a lot of its citizens are trying to leave for the EA. The PRU isn’t happy about that and so it’s building a wall to keep its citizens in.

Things only get worse from there in the story.

It isn’t possible for America to peacefully separate into two countries. Understand who we’re dealing with, and you’ll understand why that is.

Header image via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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