‘Soulbound’ Comic Book Series Launches Med Student into Fantasy Realm

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Paula Richey’s Soulbound comic book series features a pragmatic med student named Becca. Imagine Becca’s surprise when she discovers that a fantasy realm is real.

Richey uses a crushing emotional blow to Becca to propel her into a fantasy realm and launch the universe of Soulbound. “After the death of her dad, Becca feels adrift, uncertain, as though everything that anchors her to the world has been swept away. As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened.”

As of right now, Richey has two issues published and she’s working on the third. Ten issues total are planned for the series. (RELATED: IndieGen Has the Independent Pop Culture You Need to See)

Head to Amazon to buy Soulbound in digital form, and head to Richey’s website if you want hardcopies of the comic books.

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