Col. Shaffer – Evidence of MASSIVE Transfer of Completed, Curated Ballots…

This seems important.

A USPS subcontractor tells of 280,000 ballots being shipped from Bethpage, NY to Lancaster, PA.

I put the video up below so you can see for yourself. These are very serious allegations and the lack of media attention is deeply disturbing. (RELATED: How Many Votes Did Biden Get? [VIDEO])

I keep coming back to this: The people who are bringing these charges to light have a lot to lose. Lawyers, former mayors, career military officers. Why would they risk their reputations if they didn’t think something nefarious REALLY happened? Are they ALL planning on writing books? Or are they on a just and noble endeavor? And don’t YOU want to know? I do!

I said it in yesterday’s piece and I repeat it here. If we don’t have faith in our elections, we have nothing. We’re just sheep, being herded by the big tech and legacy media guard dogs.

In my opinion there is more than enough legit evidence to merit a full investigation of the 2020 election. And I wouldn’t stop there. We must do away with “mail-in” ballots (with the obvious exceptions: elderly, infirmed, etc.) and institute voter ID laws. We cannot abide the possibility of shenanigans when we are picking the leader of the free world.

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