America Is Done if Biden Steals the Election

If Joe Biden and the Democrats steal the election from President Trump, then America is done. That’s it. Democrats will be able to do anything they want and no one will be able to stop them.

Donald Trump won reelection by a landslide. That’s indisputable. We all saw Trump winning overwhelmingly on Election Day and then, in the swing states where he was winning (again, overwhelmingly), vote counting suddenly stopped. And when the recounting mysteriously restarted in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Biden suddenly got extraordinary amounts of mystery votes.

And now we have video of Democrats literally pulling votes out of cases in Georgia.

Yet despite all this evidence, our ruling class is saying there’s no evidence. Public officials, judges, journalists, Hollywood, governmental departments, pundits, and everyone else in the ranks of our overlords are lying and saying that Biden won. And if they prevail, then they will have blatantly stolen an election in the open. That means they’ll be able to get away with anything in the future.

But, wait, you say, we can still oppose the Democrats through the Senate and judicial system. Not going to happen. First, the fight for the Senate is still up in the air. And if the Democrats can steal a presidential election in the open, who honestly thinks the Republicans stand a chance in Senate races?

And the judiciary system? It’s utterly corrupt. And on rare occasions when judges actually do rule justly, the Democrats can simply ignore them. Journalists and public officials will back them.

What about voting out Democrats in the future? Well, what about it? Again, if Biden steals the election, the ruling class will have proven it can steal elections and thus voting will be irrelevant in the future.

And who can forget everything we witnessed during the past four years of Trump? The Democrats / ruling class engaged in a nonstop coup attempt, prosecuted innocent people, lied about us being “white supremacist Nazis,” said they hate the nation and want to destroy it, allied with illegal alien invaders, called us a national security threat, and engaged in rioting and worse while they claimed to be “Peacefully Protesting”—while they prosecuted those who dared to fight back. They did all this while they cemented their control over every American institution—the government, lawyers, the armed forces, education, religious institutions, entertainment, pollsters, journalists, punditry, the medical community, tech, finance, activists, athletics, scientific institutions, big corporations—and on, and on, and on. They even seized what supposedly were our institutions: conservative journalism, conservative pundits, conservative think tanks and publications, Christian organizations, and so forth. (RELATED: ‘Insane’: PAC Reminds America of What Democrats Have Done to It [VIDEO])

All this was done while the Republicans—who supposedly represent us—were in power! Do you have any idea what will happen once the Democrats know they can get away with anything? No, you don’t. But here’s what will occur: they’ll literally do anything they want.

Do you think anyone will fight back, either? Who? Who is going to do it? We have the entire ruling class plus Republicans and conservatives saying that Biden “won” when it’s clear he didn’t. They are endorsing a lie—a theft and outright wrong. Do you really think these people can fight back? Do you really think there is anything courageous, honorable, or good about such people that would cause them to fight back?

The fight for the 2020 presidential election is it. The Democrats have seized control of every institution in America. If they are now able to openly steal our biggest election, then we have nothing left and they’ll be able to do every evil they’ve ever imagined.

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