How Much Fraud Is OK? [VIDEO]

The picture of AG Barr is just to get your attention. We don’t have a beef with him. Well, not really. He said something like, “To date, we don’t see enough voter fraud to overturn the election.” Or something like that. Meaning, we guess, that more information could come to light tomorrow and things could change.

But the big takeaway for me was the “enough” part. They didn’t see “enough.” Which made me think, “How much is okay?” Ta-da! Then I did some research and made the video. (RELATED: How Many Votes Did Biden Get? [VIDEO])

Here’s some more thoughts that aren’t in the clip but merit discussion. If you look up “voter fraud” or “election fraud” you will get a shit ton of results about how it doesn’t exist. How it’s insanely rare. Which I find hard to believe for a couple reasons. Below are the links to those reasons. HA! (Had to do some sleuth work.)

Here’s an article on all the countries that don’t allow mail-in ballots. Or they have big time restrictions.

And here’s a story from The New York Post about a guy who BRAGGED about how easy it is to cheat.

It’s enough to get a person concerned. So how much fraud IS okay? How about none.

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