Have You SEEN California? [VIDEO]

It’s a very simple question: Have you ever seen California? Other than the movies. Other than TV. Have you ever been? It’s an eye opener, isn’t it? Not exactly a utopian paradise. In fact, I’d call California a cautionary tale at best. A failed state at worst.

California’s problems are the stuff of legend. And here’s the heartbreaker: It truly could be great. Failure by elected officials from top to bottom have people and businesses fleeing the place. ‘Tis ugly. ‘Tis an epic fail.

That’s why it makes us laugh so much when celebrities leave their gated communities to go tell the people of other states how to vote. HA! Are you kidding me?

And that’s what happening right now in Georgia. There’s a huge Senate race that’s coming to a head and celebrities from the Golden State are descending like dimwitted bees. It’s too funny. People from a failed state going out of their way to tell others what…how to ruin Georgia? Please stop.

Rule of thumb: Never take political advice from a person whose home state is in shambles. (RELATED: How Much Fraud Is OK? [VIDEO])

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