Hunter Biden in Trouble with the Feds? Who Knew? (Sarcasm)

Holy smoke! Did ya hear the news? Hunter Biden is being investigated by the feds for possible tax fraud! Whaaaaa?

And would you look at that? The investigation started back in 2018! Whaaaaa? Wow! Hard to believe some hot shot reporter didn’t uncover this. The son of the former vice president is under investigation! Seems like a story, right? Of course it does. Unless you don’t want it to be. Seems like there was a lot of that lately. A LOT!

Journalists and Big Tech decided they would actively ignore anything that makes the Biden family look bad. Hell, if they REALLY didn’t like story, they’d just forbid you from talking about it and lock you out of your Twitter account and label it “fake news.” Yup. Even if you’re The New York Post.

Now why on earth would they do something like that? (Sarcasm) It’s simple and you already know the answer. They wanted Joe Biden to win. They wanted Joe Biden to win so badly they wouldn’t allow the Hunter Biden story out. Skadoosh. They protected their candidate. (RELATED: America Is Done if Biden Steals the Election)

So, here we are in December and whaaaaaaa? Lookie, lookie everybody! Hunter Biden is being investigated! No shit! Too late, you asshats. This is the kind of thing people deserved to know back in October and November. Of course you know that. That’s why you “killed” the story. You wanted your guy to win.

The media and Big Tech shouldn’t have “A Guy.” They shouldn’t pick winners and losers. That’s called election meddling. That’s called propaganda.

That they so shamelessly covered for one candidate while simultaneously attacked his opponent is criminal in my opinion. Well informed Americans pick the president. Not powerful elitists.

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be. If no one holds these people accountable, they’ll continue to pick for us.

For the record, we tried to say something about Hunter too. We tried. Twitter slapped us down.

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