‘TIME’s’ Man of the Year! [VIDEO]

Were you surprised at TIME’s pick for Man of the Year? Excuse me, their pick for Person of the Year? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. What? They haven’t done anything. We always thought Person of the Year had to have done something. Maybe we missed something.

So what’s going on here? You know. You already know. The media wants us to like and respect Joe and Kamala. They want to elevate them. That’s it.

Now that we think of it, that’s who should be TIME’s Person of the Year: The Media. That’s who actually accomplished something. The media got Joe Biden elected. They convinced enough people that Joe was up to the task of being leader of the free world.

They didn’t press him for policy info. They didn’t ask tough questions. They looked the other way and ignored scandals like Hunter’s laptop. They carried Joe across the finish line. (RELATED: Hunter Biden in Trouble with the Feds? Who Knew? (Sarcasm))

So if you want to give Person of the Year to someone, give it to the media. They pulled off a major con job. Let’s just hope America can survive.

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