So Many ‘Mistakes,’ It Makes You Wonder

Anyone else sensing a pattern here? So many convenient “mistakes” when it comes to investigations. Now I’m far from an investigative journalist, but even I am having a hard time believing that all these little “oopsies” are legit.

Hard to believe that people think the “deep state” is real. (Sarcasm) Certainly these are honest “mistakes,” not meant to cover anything up. Right?

These are supposed to be highly trained professionals. The best of the best, as it were. Are they stupid? Are they sloppy? Or is the explanation much simpler? They aren’t mistakes.

Here’s some examples.

There’s a new batch of texts from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that shed new light on when the FBI probe into the Trump campaign actually began. Guess what? It’s earlier than what Strzok claimed. Huh…that’s so weird! Maybe they just “forgot” to include those!

Here’s another little “oopsie daisy.”

Members of the infamous Mueller Probe were to return their phones to the Department of Justice, but 27 of them were “accidentally” wiped of all the data. These are lawyers and members of the FBI. They just “goofed up” and “accidentally” erased everything from phones they knew they had to return. Twenty-seven people made the same “mistake?” Get the fuck out.

And who can forget the IRS “accidentally” destroyed the hard drives that had Lois Lerner’s emails. Oh, the crazy luck. Shucks. Oopsie daisy. She was only under suspicion of weaponizing a federal agency against private citizens…who knows who else was in on it? Oh well…accidents happen.

I’m sure I’ve overlooked more! It’s ridiculous. Do they think we don’t read? Maybe they think we don’t have the internet. Or just maybe they think we don’t care. I think Americans DO care. This is absolute garbage and we know it. (RELATED: Special Counsel Now! [VIDEO])

If you have examples of more big government “oopsies,” please leave them in the comment section below. Thanks. — The Mgmt

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