It’s Good to Be Kate Bock [VIDEO]

There’s good looking and then there’s “I bet you’d look great even if you wore your swimsuit backwards.” Kate Bock is that second kind. Come on. That’s pretty fantastic.

Back in 2018 she did a swimsuit shoot for SI that documents the process. Good idea, right? It’s not like anyone wouldn’t have believed her. Now she has video proof. Luckily so do we. (RELATED: Monday, Meet Krystal Hall [PHOTOS])

And we should should add this too: She doesn’t look okay or just alright. She rocks it! Almost to the point where you start to question if the suit isn’t really on backwards. HA! That’s a level of hot not meant for most mere mortals. We dig it. Frontwards, backwards…any way she can wear it, Kate Bock is gonna look great.

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