The New Comedy Special You Need to See [VIDEO]

“Live from Nashville” is the brand new stand up special from Michael Loftus. You know that guy. He’s on here all the time! What are the odds? And he’s me.

So, as you might have gleaned from the title, we shot this in Nashville at Zanies. It was an incredibly fun night. Can’t thank everyone at the club and Fox Nation enough.

This is my 3rd special for Fox Nation and they legit just get more fun every time. Granted, the 2nd special was from my living room during lockdown so this one was automatically gonna be better. There was a live audience! I’m old school like that. I appreciate the live audience over the empty couch. (RELATED: ‘Freedom to Laugh’ Comedy Tour—Live AND on Fox Nation!)

Hope you dig “Live from Nashville.” I had a blast taping it. Now go! Download the app and start watching!

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