Anteater Ready to Rumble [VIDEO]

Let go! Time to enjoy another episode of “Daily Dose of Internet.”

Sooooo much goodness here. I like to think of this ep. as “shit I’d never do.” For real. If I came up on an anteater striking this pose? I don’t think I’d roll up on it with my camera out getting in it’s face and giggling. Nope. Do YOU know how far an anteater can jump? Me neither. Don’t want to find out either.

I also can’t wait to get your feedback on the laptop camera that can see through plastic. What in the actual fuck is that? It not only gave me the creeps but I found it downright scary! What the hell? How does it do that? And WHY? That doesn’t seem like a mistake. That seems like an “on purpose.” (RELATED: Best of 2020 from Daily Dose [VIDEO])

What do YOU think?

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