The Communist Revolution: A Short Story

Back in 2020, I wrote about how the 1998 movie The Siege got everything laughably wrong about how America would react to an Islamic terrorist attack on American soil. That Hollywood movie depicted America instituting martial law and rounding up Muslims and Arabs. Reality has shown the opposite. After Islamic terrorists committed an attack on American soil in 2001, the U.S. government responded by bowing down to Islam, rounding up law-abiding (and non-Islamic and non-Arab) Americans, and instituting tyranny.

So I thought I’d write a short story about what a future America might look like under communism (which I’m sure will never happen). Here it is. (RELATED: The War Is Not Our Concern: A Short Story)


He had served in the U.S. Army for over 40 years but he never won a war. He had been the commanding general of some big unit during the Iraq War. The communists had campaigned for years to convict him of war crimes and to execute him and his troops. (It was one of the many things they did to support the foreign enemy during the wars). Naturally, the general now sided with the communists and against the patriotic Americans that had supported him and the war effort back then.

“And it’s my great pleasure to introduce the commander of the newly formed Joint Task Force-Right-Wing Terrorism, Colonel Ahmed Al-Tikriti,” he said. The journalists at the press conference cheered and applauded, and he and Al-Tikriti sucked it all in.

I stopped the video and put away my phone. The JTF-RWT was the communist-run government’s latest operation to persecute, imprison, and kill as many law-abiding Americans as possible. So journalists were, of course, giddy about it. Beyond that, they were ecstatic with the fact that Col. Al-Tikriti was the one who was going to lead it.

Al-Tikriti checked so many of their boxes. He had been just a kid in Iraq during the early parts of the war. U.S. troops hired him as an interpreter. Years later, those same troops advocated for America to give citizenship to their Islamic friend. Later he joined the Army and came out as “gay.” Thus, he was where he was today: an officer assigned to use military troops to hunt down any law-abiding American who refused to surrender to our communist ruling class. And journalists couldn’t be happier about it. All of the communists were head-over-heels about it.

Anyway, the press conference across town with Al-Tikriti wasn’t the big event of the day. Not for me, at least. Instead, the big event of the day was right where I was. Well, not right where I was. I was about ten stories up and three blocks away from it. But you get what I mean. The event was a “Back the Blue” rally, which was curious, and I’ll get to that in a moment.

The event organizers had all the permits they needed, they were going to be real nice and good, and they thought, for some reason, that they were in a “safe,” conservative place—a place where they wouldn’t have to worry about the violence that normally happens in America when non-communists peacefully assemble. But I knew they were very wrong. They should’ve too—for two reasons.

First, everyone knew that dissent from the communists was now deemed “treasonous” and “seditious.” That was it. It was law but that was almost irrelevant, because every institution and nearly every person was reflexively on the side of the communists now. Journalists, Hollywood, Big Tech, giant corporations, law enforcement, the military, progressives, conservatives, and all your neighbors, friends, and family would immediately cry, “Treason and sedition!” as soon as you’d mention any opinion that ran contrary to the communist line. You’d likely even be officially designated as a “terrorist” and the government would then use its full might to destroy you and anyone remotely associated with you.

So for that reason alone, it was stupid for these organizers to think they could get away with it. If they knew they were going to become targets and had a plan for it, then it would’ve been okay. But I knew they didn’t.

The other reason they should’ve known that the public demonstration was a bad idea was because conservatives and the Blue—again, like every other institution in America—were rabidly communist. The event organizers and the participants had to have known that by now. Or they should have. And yet they didn’t. Instead, they chose to tell themselves that conservative leaders would protect their right to assemble and protest.

The city we were in was run by a conservative mayor, the governor was a conservative governor, and it was an extremely conservative state. So the Back the Blue organizers thought they’d be safe—thought it’d be one of the last places in America where it’d be safe to voice an opinion against communism. Even with all the other betrayals by conservatives, they lied to themselves and said, “This time, it’ll be different. Our conservative mayor and governor are true conservatives and they’ll protect us.” But I knew they wouldn’t. I knew they would betray them. Conservatives literally can’t do anything else. They’ve always been about betrayal and surrender. And so while they used to present themselves as the “opposition to our progressive friends” (they still presented themselves that way), they in fact had just handed the country over to the communists. Conservatives could’ve easily stopped the communists—everyone always knew exactly who they were—at any time for over a century, but they chose not to do so; they chose to give absolute evil absolute power.

The Communist Revolution in America had been going on for decades before they won. It went back to the early 20th century, really, and their revolution was always marked by betraying America and advocating for evil. But for the sake of simplicity, I’ll only go back to what they did since the 1960s.

They betrayed America with the Vietnam War (and every war after that until they took over). They sided with child abusers and deviants, they supported murderers and traitors, they collaborated with terrorists and murderous gangs, they conspired with illegal aliens and refugees that acted as occupation forces, they sided with immigrants who took over towns and cities and raised the flags of their countries of origins overhead, they sided with the Soviet Union during the Cold War and China after that; sided with Islamic terrorists, and always sided against law-abiding Americans. And they got away with all of it.

They completed their never-ending revolution when they stole a presidential election in the 21st century—in the open—and denounced everyone who objected as being a “conspiracy theorist” and being “guilty of sedition.” When their Manchurian Candidate was sworn in, the first thing he did was take a knee for the national anthem. After that, during his inauguration speech, he ranted against the U.S. the whole time, denouncing its founding, its people, and its entire history. Following that, he called for unity in the country . . . right before he demanded that law-abiding Americans pay for the “systemic racism and bigotry ingrained in the very fabric of this nation’s existence.”

You would’ve thought that would’ve woken up the “opposition.” But like I said, conservatives never truly opposed the communists—the “progressives.” Sure, conservatives claimed they were, “Standing atop history and yelling, ‘Stop!’.” But they weren’t. It was all lies. They raked in billions of dollars from their scam, all the while they were as much communists as the communists were.

Not even the conservatives the communists personally and savagely attacked opposed them, even after the communists no longer hid who they were. Actually, like the good ol’ American general leading the JTF-RWT across town, they were the most eager to side with the commies. And that was a funny thing to consider, really.

You know how it’s said that in stories all characters must have strong motivation for why they do what they do? The hero seeks revenge because the villain murdered his family. The hero launches into action against a villain who betrayed him. Or the hero takes on the villain who stole all his money. Turns out, that line of literary thinking was all garbage—it wasn’t how real life works. Instead, in real life, when the commies lied about, betrayed, and murdered conservatives, conservatives didn’t get angry and decide to fight them to the bitter end. No, no, no. They decided to join them. So real life blew away the concept of a fictional character needing motivation for what he does. (That is, unless you were to consider cowardice and a general desire to do wrong as being motivations.)

So after decades of the communists going after the military, a restaurant chain that served chicken, a youth development organization, a conservative governor from Massachusetts who ran for POTUS, athletic leagues, corporations, church denominations, and every other conservative institution and person, none of them fought back. Again, they instead decided to surrender and totally humiliate themselves by declaring complete fealty to the people who absolutely hated them . . . and hated them even more once they surrendered to them.

And that was that. There was no opposition to the communist takeover of America. Martial law soon followed.

They didn’t say it was martial law at first. In fact, they still refused to admit it. Beyond that, they wouldn’t even admit they ruled unopposed. They still said they had “fierce opposition”—that conservatives were way strong. Conservatives played along by agreeing with them. They eagerly served as punching bags for journalists and other filth to demean and blame for “all the un-patriotic opposition that prevents us from getting things done in this country.” Conservatives were fools who happily received a paycheck and were a part of the regime. They had no morals and gladly took any humiliation thrown their way. They sold out anyone—even their own families.

One time, one of the Respectable Conservative Opposition Pundits was invited onto a late-night talk show to discuss how he was “bucking the position of his party for the sake of his country.” (That phrase alone was utter gibberish.) He thought they were going to praise him. Instead, they at first ridiculed him, then stripped him of his clothes, tarred and feathered him, and hung him outside from a streetlamp where passersby laughed and spat on him. You would’ve thought he would’ve had a change of heart. But conservatives are depraved filth and utter cowards at their core. So by the next day, this same guy was laughing on his podcast about the “practical joke” the late-night folks played on him. He was back to spewing his regular rhetoric (viciously attacking anyone who opposed the communists) and making his inane comments.

On another occasion, someone told a different conservative pundit that his daughter had started attending secret church meetings. He had her surveilled and learned it was true. He immediately turned her into authorities and she was never heard from again. Some people called him a horrible person, so he went on a national news network and blasted his critics. He declared he was such a moral man that he didn’t just “put country over politics,” but that when he learned his daughter was a “Christian terrorist,” he turned her into the authorities because he believed in putting “country over family.”

So that was the conservative opposition the communists claimed they were always fighting. It was all a lie, just as everything else from the ruling class now was. Never admitting what they were actually doing was our rulers’ favorite way to lie. They’d never admit what they were doing and instead blamed their phantom opponents for doing it, or just made up some other nonsense.

As for martial law, that actually began starting even before the communist president grabbed power. Communists had long dominated the American ruling class, and they had already wielded an enormous amount of power before they seized absolute power. So they had been able to start martial law by punishing the country when their ally, China, released a virus into America, which gave them the excuse to issue “lockdowns” for “public health and safety.”

Then, after they started shutting down entire industries for our safety, they said too many people were ignoring their illegal laws. So they started sending the cops after people—cops who wouldn’t lift a finger to stop communist insurrectionists in the streets—and the cops started arresting people who were just trying to survive. But that still wasn’t enough, so the ruling class sent the armed forces to airports to enforce travel restrictions and so-called quarantines. And after that, they started sending military patrols into the streets and into the skies.

So we became a nation that was now fully under martial law. We were prisoners in our own homes . . . at least, the ones of us who weren’t in the prisons that were emptied of actual criminals so they could put law-abiding citizens in them.

And now, of course, they were sending even more military out against us with the new JTF-RWT. One of the big targets was going to be Christians and our churches. They loved to keep saying that we weren’t “social distancing enough,” which was code that meant they hadn’t driven enough Christians away from worshipping God yet. In fact, they had declared us Christians the number one threat ever since they took over, and they had destroyed a ton of churches in their war against us.

Backing up just a bit, it might seem odd that the grassroots didn’t push back against any of what had happened. Conservatives in power surrendering was one thing. But what about the grassroots? Well, the grassroots had pushed back, but only sort of, because those in the grassroots hadn’t (and still didn’t) have a full understanding of who they faced and what it would take to counter the communist revolution.

When the communists fully took over, groups of grassroots patriots would pop up and be “ready to fight.” Of course, they weren’t, because like I said, they didn’t understand who they were facing and didn’t think about what it would actually take to defeat communists—to defeat out-and-out evil.

The first group of poorly organized patriots decided they would protest back against the communist takeover the same way the communists protested when they were out of power—with massive demonstrations in public, at officials’ homes, and even with violence that officials wouldn’t stop. These patriots, of course, had failed to realize that the communists weren’t going to let them play by the same rules. And so the communists had immediately sent the police and other authorities to violently arrest them.

The communists then charged them with terrorism and ruthlessly pursued their families and anyone remotely associated with them. Most lawyers vowed not to represent them. That’s right, lawyers who regularly defended mass murderers, serial killers, terrorists, child abusers, rapists, gang members, organized crime, and the worst-of-the-worst refused to defend American citizens who wanted to play by the same rules that the communists had set for themselves. A handful of lawyers tried to represent and defend them, but the communists instantly called them “traitors” and “seditious,” and disbarred and imprisoned them. In short, defending anyone who opposed communism had become illegal.

After that, judges rubber stamped the convictions of the arrested grassroots patriots. And then Big Tech, Big Banks, and every other institution cut them off from using any service, having access to any financial transactions other than cash, and from having any part of respectable, society ever again. They did the same to their families and associates.

Following that crackdown on the first groups of grassroots patriots that tried to resist, the communists flooded the nation with 50-100 million foreign “immigrants” and “refugees.” That meant that law-abiding Americans became “foreigners” in their own country. The majority of people who now lived in America were invading occupiers who hated actual American citizens. Once the communists did that, the patriotic resistance never had a chance of a counterrevolution.

Not everyone had realized that, though, and a few remaining grassroots patriots declared that it was time to fight to the death. But it quickly became clear that they were never going to do that.

You see, when they announced that they were ready to fight a war, smart people reminded them that war means killing people—and not just adults. “Children die in war too. War is violent and brutal, and there is no mercy,” individuals reminded them. Conservatives quickly realized they weren’t prepared for this.

They weren’t prepared to kill violent communists who were trying to murder them; they had no stomach for the collateral damage that always came with war. At the same time, the communists made it clear that they were ready for war; that they had always been ready for war. They loved violence and their regular rallies boasted about the abortions they had—boasted about their ritual slaughtering of their own children. They let everyone know that they weren’t just ready to kill anyone and everyone in a full-on kinetic war, but that they were ready to murder anyone and everyone as an everyday part of their lives.

A tiny handful of grassroots patriots bucked the others and said that they alone were ready for war and all the consequences that came with it. They vowed to be the heroes and proclaimed that since they had all the guns and ammo, the communists wouldn’t stand a chance against them and they’d save the rest of the country from them. They announced that they were ready to kill and die, and would be remembered well by history.

The communists promptly designated them as “Christian, white supremacist terrorists” and vowed to wipe them out. Nevertheless, the tiny handful of grassroots patriots insisted they could win. “Remember?” they said. “We have all the guns and ammo!”

The communists did three things in response. First, they instituted regular raids on firearm owners for all sorts of minor infractions—including made-up ones. Then they made manufacturing and purchasing firearms and ammo increasingly difficult through laws, regulations, and taxes. Finally they had billionaires buy up all the firearm manufacturers after which they stopped selling arms and ammo to the public. (They still sold to the government so the communists could arrest and slaughter us at will.)

The war against the tiny remnant of grassroots patriots was short, with the communists slaughtering them all and their families. Today, by decree of the communists, private citizens owning firearms is illegal.

But even that didn’t convince every last grassroots citizen that it was all over; that the Communist Revolution succeeded and that there was no hope. No one tried to fight physical fights against them after they slaughtered the tiny handful of grassroots patriots, but there had still been some people who thought they could “fight the good fight through the system” by running for office. Yet everyone who tried always failed.

Most never stood a chance of even winning since the communists institutionalized election theft with the aforementioned stolen presidency. But in the beginning, every now and again, someone would win a governorship or seat in the state or federal legislatures. If the communists knew he was a conservative who would just help enact the communist agenda, they’d sometimes let him have the win. But most of the time, as soon as someone outside the communist ruling class would win a race, the communists would have someone accuse him of something and they’d have journalists amplify that disinformation.

Maybe it was an accusation of tax evasion, bribery, violence, the crime of homophobia, or a woman accusing him of raping her 50 years ago. It didn’t mattered, because the accusation was all that was needed. That triggered a state AG or even the DOJ to automatically start an investigation of him. Sometimes he ended up resigning and sometime he didn’t. Many times the legislatures simply expelled him. But it didn’t matter. He’d always end up imprisoned. Then the commies selected an out-and-out communist to replace him, and they ensured that whatever special election next occurred ended up being “won” by a communist.

So that ended that. Grassroots patriots no longer attempted to run for office. True, every now and then someone on the “dissident right” would pop up to run for office, but he would always be a government plant used to lure out “traitors” by way of watching who supported him. The government would then swoop in and disappear such supporters. And then that dissident right guy would always have a change of heart, denounce his “Christian, white supremacist terrorist” followers, and he’d start making a six- or seven-figure living for the rest of his life by becoming an “anti-Christian white supremacist” advocate and expert.

And so grassroots patriots were now where they always ended up: with their heads hanging, their tails tucked between their legs, and completely defeated. They never figured out who they were facing and what they were up against; how totally evil the communists were. And so now everything was lost.

Now . . . now the communists were worse than ever. They had absolute power and could do anything they wanted—all while they blamed their nonexistent “opposition” for being responsible for all their evil. They literally threw law-abiding citizens into prison for no reason other than those citizens wouldn’t bow down to them, and they did it while screaming that the law-abiding citizens were oppressors who were “putting children in cages” and “imprisoning people for dissent.” They called themselves “patriots” while they did this and everyone who offered the slightest objection they’d label “treasonous” and “guilty of engaging in sedition.”

One of the communists who emerged as the most fanatical in accusing every non-communist of being “treasonous” and “engaging in sedition” was a Naval Reserve officer who was also a U.S. congressman; a member of a House intelligence committee. Oh, and he was sleeping with a Chinese spy.

Someone risked his life to expose this congressman as being compromised by a Chinese spy. But when it became public, our communist overlords shrugged and did nothing. Neither did the corrupt armed services either. Indeed, the congressman remained on the intelligence committee and continued accusing others of being “Russian stooges” or otherwise traitors. And everyone in the ruling class—progressives, journalists, conservatives—acted as if it was perfectly normal and there was no story there.

So that was everything that happened that led to where we were, and why it was stupid to ever consider holding the Back the Blue event, which now had started in full below me and three blocks away. The law-abiding citizens chanted and pumped their hands in the air. And right on cue, the Blue began ushering in a group of communist thugs to confront them.

“Defund the cops! Murder the police!” the thugs yelled.

One of the event-goers saw what was happening and told the others to pay attention. They faced the communist thugs right as they attacked. The cops backed away and let the communists beat the law-abiding citizens. Journalists appeared from behind the cops and cheered it on as they filmed it. I switched my phone back on and watched live coverage.

“As you can see, some brave antifa activists are peacefully protesting against these dangerous terrorists,” a blonde bimbo cooed into her mic.

But then some of the law-abiding citizens started fighting back. Immediately the police stepped in and beat the citizens with batons. Pepper spray followed that.

“Look at this outrageous display of right-wing terrorism!” the blonde bimbo screamed. “Who can deny that white supremacist, Christian terrorists are a threat now?”

And so it went. The communist thugs would beat the law-abiding citizens and the journalists would cheer. When citizens fought back, the cops advanced and savagely beat them while journalists screamed about Christian, white supremacist terrorists. Eventually the law-abiding citizens had nothing left in them and the communists were getting ready to murder them, all while the cops stood by and journalists gleefully recorded it all. I turned off my phone and pocketed it. And I pulled out the remote control. I didn’t hesitate. I just pressed the button.

The speakers I had placed near the demonstration site blared. Everyone immediately stopped fighting and covered their ears. People looked around for a bit and started moving out of the area. Some tried to find the source of the noise but they soon gave up that effort. Not everyone completely left the area, but the people I wanted to did. The law-abiding citizens scrammed—ran to get away from the noise and ran for their safety. I re-pocketed the remote and ran to the stairs. Al-Tikriti and the troops from JTF-RWT were probably on their way. And if not, they’d be after me soon enough. My escape route at the bottom flashed through my mind.

They’d come after me. I’d be branded a terrorist now. They’d definitely interview everyone at the Back the Blue event and try to find casualties—hearing loss, heart attack from the shock, or just something they make up. The progressive side of the communists would condemn me and so would the conservative side. They’d burn more churches as retribution. Even the few pockets of “extremist” dissident right would probably say I “hurt the cause” today. Even non-violent actions were condemned by the most “extreme” of the dissident right. There was no hope left in America.

So I was leaving. I just figured I’d do at least one thing to stick it to the communists before I exited. After all, someone had to do something to fight back against them for destroying the once great United States of America.

Top Image: Original artwork by Paul Hair. © 2021.

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