Tips for Social Media Withdrawal

Hello. I’m Gordon. I’m a social media junkie.

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As you know, I’ve been a long time social media addict. It started with reading the blogs. At first it felt great because before that, I would shout at Dan Rather but he never appeared to hear me. When I got online and shouted out how unfair and wrong and downright deceitful he was being, I felt great. Before you knew it, I had my own blog and could easily spend an evening after work bloviating.

Fast forward to 2015, and Big Tech has distilled that little high I got from social media and weaponized it against me. Now it comes out that, like the Big Tobacco execs, they truly are not interested in my or my country’s well being. Not only that, they hate me and my views. But they know my addiction is very strong and I’m having trouble breaking their grip on me.

Lately it feels like I’ve given THEM, Facebook, Twitter and their delivery systems Google and Amazon way too much power over my life. So, I’m looking to break their hold on me. (RELATED: Media Moments that Seemed Harmless at the Time)

Now, unlike the other addictions, I don’t think this one is necessarily unhealthy if taken in moderate doses. That’s why I’m sharing a couple of my personal tips on how to reduce my a-click-tion and reduce their power ever so slightly.

Go back to blogs. I get my updates on current events from the wonderful aggregation skills of Instapundit.

Support media you like. Subscribe. We used to be comfortable with free content. But fortunately, streaming services have re-introduced the idea of paying for what you want. Netflix and Disney+ have made it acceptable to shell out your hard earned money for something you value. I have subscribed to Twitchy and soon BlazeTV. At this point, I understand there are many good venues seeking your dollar. That’s a challenge. Otherwise I would have already subscribed also to The Babylon Bee and Fox Nation.

Keep your Twitter account but spend more time in chats. That’s a good part of the reason you are there, isn’t it? The great people you meet. Sure telling Dan Rather that he’s a bloviating butthead is satisfying but I learned that he still can’t hear you. Blue Checks are often set to Broadcast-only mode.

Finally buy local. Jim’s Hardware doesn’t own a massive entertainment media conglomerate that hates you. Even Flaming Lib Coffeehouse is better than the company that can donate millions to support White Fragility Edudoctrination.

Thank you for listening.

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4 comments on “Tips for Social Media Withdrawal

  1. Michael Loftus says:

    HA! Love it! – the mgmt.

  2. Rebecca Cummings says:

    I am an addict!! But I only shop local and don’t shop at big box stores and I read blogs and engage in chats all over every platform but Tweeter …

    1. Cranky Gordon says:

      Great! Bit by bit, we may turn the tide.

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