Boundary – 6 Minutes of Zero-G Gameplay [VIDEO]

Okay, this clears up a lot of the questions we had about Boundary, the first person shooter coming out this year.

Yup. It looks cool AF. Nope, doesn’t look like gunfire propels you in the opposite direction. That’s cool. Having to compensate for being pushed backwards every time you shoot would be a bit much. You’ll already have your hands full navigating in three dimensions in outer space.

Some stuff we didn’t know: Fully destructible environments? Whaaaaa? Yes, please. Different classes and customizable suits? But of course. Count us in on this one.

Not sure what the story is (or if there even IS one) but we don’t care. We wanna fight people and blow shit up in zero gravity. Looks like we’ll get our chance soon when Boundary becomes available on PS4. (RELATED: Finally Got to Play Star Wars Squadrons & It Was GREAT! [VIDEO])

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