The End of America & How I Learned I’m a Very Positive Person

Anyone telling you, “Here’s how we get the Democrats next time,” is . . . well . . . not really paying attention to things. After all, the Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election and then the Georgia senatorial runoff. They’re now free to steal every election here forward and change America in ways most people can’t even yet imagine. Our votes no longer matter and America is now a communist country. But on the bright side of things, with the destruction of the nation, I learned that, contrary to what people told me when I was young, I’m a very positive person.

Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election in a landslide. I’d be surprised if Biden actually exceeded 50 million votes. Nevertheless, the Democrats and ruling class simply stole the win from him—from us. We all watched it happen during the wee hours of the morning post Election Day, when swing states stopped counting votes until they could manufacture what they needed for Biden to “win.” And then, months later, we watched the communists do the same thing in the senatorial runoff elections in Georgia.

So America is now over and communism has won. You can’t vote your way out of this. The ruling class can simply steal every election from here forward. And no one is going to stop the communists. Come on, do you think the conservative “opposition” will do something? It doesn’t even exist; it’s simply an extension of the progressives-Democrats-communists. The Democrats are free to do what they want, and doing it they are.

We’re now witnessing people being arrested for having made memes four years ago. At the same time the communist party is letting government agents who engaged in a coup against Trump—against America—get away with it. Our rulers call any of us who oppose them “white supremacists,” “Nazis,” “traitors,” “insurrectionists,” “terrorists,” and spreaders of “Russian disinformation.” And they are moving forward with having the entirety of government and the private sector dealing with us as if we actually are those things.

Oh, yeah, and they’re going to pack the courts, make DC and Puerto Rico states, flood the U.S. with foreign invaders who hate us, and otherwise fundamentally transform the nation. So even as they’ll have the means to steal every election from now on, they soon won’t even have to do that. They’ll have so transformed the nation that legal, sane voters won’t matter at all. Maybe they’ll just abolish elections anyway.

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And yet we still have conservatives and Republicans claiming that we can “win” in 2022 and 2024. I’m rolling my eyes at them. The nation is over. Voting doesn’t work. Again, because, you know, the whole stealing elections thing, the whole criminalizing opposition thing, and the whole transforming the nation thing.

So what can we do about it? Definitely nothing while there are so many people who refuse to even admit reality. Seriously, if people ever want to survive what’s coming (much less find a way to change things in the long term) we have to actually get people to understand that everything is lost right now.

But I digress. I’m not here today to go into all of that. Instead, I’m here to look on the bright side (in a gallows humor sort of way) of the loss of our country. And the bright side is that I have learned—I now know for certain—that I’m a very positive person, contrary to what so many people told me from my late teens through my twenties.

You see, I’ve been writing, in one capacity or another, about the dangers of the Democrats to America since my late teens, which is about a quarter of a century by now. I’ve tried showing people that they literally are a threat and that they are quite evil. In response, everyone from conservative pundits and operatives, to friends, to family quite heavily denounced me.

“That’s just outrageously obnoxious!” such people would say to me. “You’re too caught up in politics and thinking the worst about everyone!” In retrospect, I kind of have to laugh at that. They didn’t have any passion for stopping evil but they’d sure be passionate about shouting me down.

Other things they’d say:

  • “There’s something wrong with you for thinking in such dark terms!”
  • “Why are you spending so much time focused on politics instead of doing something positive and worthwhile? Focus on what you can do instead of worrying about all that stuff!”
  • “You’re way too negative of a person!”

After some time, those admonitions took a toll on me. I thought perhaps such people were correct. I kept writing and working in the cultural and political spheres, but I became much more cautious in talking to people around me about my beliefs and what was going on. So, such reprimands petered out quite a bit by my thirties. Still, on those rare occasions when I would engage with someone in real life about the collapse of the nation, it was always a possibility that he would launch into a tirade against me. And thus the possibility that I was being “too negative,” or that there was “something wrong with me,” lingered in my mind.

But now—now that America has collapsed—I know (and so should everyone else) that I was right and all those accusations against me were dead wrong. I wasn’t “too negative” and there wasn’t “something wrong with me.” I enjoyed living in a land of freedom. I enjoyed a nation that still generally understood truth and what was right. And I wanted those things to remain.

I was right to worry. I was right to sound the alarm. And I was right to call Democrats evil. I wanted good to triumph over evil before it was too late. Regrettably, that did not happen.

But again, while America is now gone, on the plus side of things, I have learned that without a doubt I was (and still am) a very positive person. And I plan to remain so as everything gets worse from here.

Top Image: Original artwork by Paul Hair, © 2021.

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