Micro Bikini & Swimwear-Palooza! [VIDEO]

It’s a micro bikini swimwear-palooza! We had every intention of highlighting some new trends in swimwear (we cannot stop thinking about summer) and we went down the ol’ YouTube rabbit hole.

That’s the thing where YouTube just keeps suggesting videos and you end up somewhere completely surprising. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes not so much.

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We’ll qualify this as pretty damn great. The YouTube channel Crazy Earth put together the mother of all swimwear montages. It’s 50 minutes long. This could quite possibly feature every bikini available for 2020, including a little something called a micro bikini.

What’s a micro bikini you ask? Think small. Think incredibly small. Almost…well, micro. How about that? Truth in advertising! We dig it.

So if you’re looking for a suit, prepare to be confused. These all look amazing. Good luck ladies. We’ll go out on a limb and suggest the micro. What a timesaver! You get almost zero tan lines, the whole suit fits in the pocket of your jeans and it’ll dry off in like 30 seconds. Leaving you more free time for fun! Woo hoo!

Never say we didn’t try to help. That’s why we’re here. We’re helpers.

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