Jet Engine Explodes. Plus So Much More! [VIDEO]

That feeling when you’re on your way to a tropical paradise and the jet engine explodes. Holy crap.

We’ve the footage everyone is talking about and so much more on today’s Daily Dose of Internet. Let’s start with the engine. First of all we’re delighted that this one had a happy ending. Yes, it’s horrible that the engine exploded. That’s kind of a given. Now let’s discuss the upside. They landed safely. This big metal birds are designed to fully function on half power. You can lose half the engines and still fly. That’s a very good thing. Now let’s find out wtf happened in the first place.

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What do you think the compensation is for the passengers? What does the airline offer? 10,000 miles? Free round trip? What should the offer be? Tickets on a cruise because you’re all done flying forever?!

Stay tuned to the rest of the video. There’s some real goodness here. Highlights for me? The puppy doing the crazy march down the hall. Go ahead and put that on a loop. Loved it.

Have a great day ya sexy heathens! — The Mgmt

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1 comment on “Jet Engine Explodes. Plus So Much More! [VIDEO]

  1. Rebecca Cummings says:

    Mine has to be the two cats! That was great!

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