The Beauty of Ghost of Tsushima

In the world of video games there’s always going to be the standouts. The games that make you pause and just take a moment to admire the beauty of it all. Moments that make you think, That is legit art. I would frame that and hang it on the wall. We wanted to take a couple minutes and highlight the beauty of The Ghost of Tsushima.

This game is packed with wonderful and breathtaking art, lighting and camera work. Really something to respect. It’s great to play and it’s oh so easy on the eyes.

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It’s about to get better too! If you’re one of the lucky souls who get their hands on a PS5, there’s a patch for Ghosts that will give you an extra 60 FPS upgrade. It’s gonna look even better! Damn! But for now, let’s feast our eyes on the PS4 version. Pretty spectacular stuff.

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