These Flying Robots Are Cool AF!

More of this please. These flying robots are cool AF! If you’re going to make a flying robot at least make one that brings a sense of wonder like Festo’s. By now, you’ve probably seen plenty of the insanely scary bots from companies like Boston Dynamics. That shit keeps me awake at night. So why not be like Festo?

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Sure, they make industrial robots that do lots of frightening things. But occasionally maybe whip out something cool looking. Sure, it’s a potential weapon…but it’s also gonna look absolutely beautiful right before it ends your life!

So, what would you rather be attacked by? A robot dog with a machine gun? Or a sweet flying penguin? Maybe the jellyfish? I’m partial to the jellyfish myself.

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Only halfway kidding here. If we’ve learned anything from sci-fi it’s this: Once science makes something cool? Someone wants to weaponize it. Let’s not do that, okay? Let’s maybe just turn the robot jellyfish into something we can ride around in and go sightseeing. How about that?

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4 comments on “These Flying Robots Are Cool AF!

  1. Paul Hair says:

    “Be Like Festo” will be the slogan for my 2024 presidential campaign.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      good luck. god speed.

  2. Tim Colomba says:

    Yikes! These are really sweet looking and all, but these robots freak me out. I think I’ll always be the old guy on my porch rocking chair, cringing and distrusting robots. I drive by Boston Dynamics about once a week. Their scary bots hit LITERALLY too close to home!

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      same. it’s funny how the flying jellyfish was fine with me… but robot dog has to be stopped! LOL

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